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Peek at My Spider Week with FREEBIES!!

This week, it's all about those creepy, crawly spiders! My kids are just going to eat it all up!!
Through our study of spiders, I am also going to begin to introduce different text features to the students using this packet. We aren't going to do a whole lot this week with text features, just introduce them and make an anchor chart. We'll really dig in once they're all introduced.

In math, it's all about place value. We started last week, and the kids are having a blast with this game:

In reading stations, we are going strong. I have my kids using a checklist when they're not meeting with me for guided reading. This is the only thing that I've found to work this year. We are so limited on time. Thank goodness for Fabulous in First (I am totally obsessed with her teaching style & ideas)!

You can grab the checklist and bin labels by clicking here or below. 

Andddd.... here are my visual plans for the week. There are a TON of freebies embedded. So, if something looks interesting, just click on the cover to go to the activity!

This week, I am most excited for our new book station! I taught this one to students on Friday and they are already obsessed! You can grab the book we are using here for free.

Have a fabulous week!!!

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