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Parent - Teacher Conference Prep!

Is it about that time for you? Time to get ready for those parent-teacher conferences? Luckily, I had mine about two weeks ago. I have the same system I follow each year to prep for conferences and it honestly makes life super easy and stress free!

When I prep for conferences, I pull out a file folder where I keep student work for the year. I keep things like math tests, sight word data, writing examples and reading assessments.

When I am doing a conference I simply pull that stuff out to show progress and help parents understand where we need to go next in order to help their child grow.

I also like to have a conference outline. I have 15 minutes per conference, so I need to stay on track! I also let parents take this outline home as reminders of things we are working on at school and ways they can help at home.

When I fill out the conference outline, I use my little prompters to help jog my brain. Let's face it, preparing for these things can make the brain go a little foggy!

When it is time for the actual conferences. I put a sticky note on the outside of the student's folder with their name and the time of their conference.

I lay them out in order, so when parents come in, I can just grab their folder and we can get started right away!

There you have it! Super simple, but effective!
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