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Finding Good Fit Books!

This past week my students worked hard to make sure they filled their book bins with good fit books! We spent all week practicing and reading those good fit books. My kids have quickly fallen in love with read to self and we make sure we get our 15 minutes in each day.

Here is how we learned how to find our good fit books:

First, we read the book, "Goldie Socks and the Three Librarians."
In the book it talks about how Goldie Socks found her good fit book and it just so happened to be the little bears books! As we read the book, we talked about why she kept choosing those books and why she wasn't choosing Mamma or Pappa Bear's books.
After we read the book, I asked the kids to just look through their books today during read to self and think to themselves if they thought their book was or was not a good fit book. After read to self, we closed the lesson with a quick discussion of why some of our books were or were not good fit books.. Some of the kids knew right away that their book was WAY too hard.

On day 2, I introduced this poster to the kids which will hang in our classroom all year.
Then, I modeled how to go through a book using the good fit book test.
Afterwards, the students went back to their seat and looked at the books in their book bin to see if they were good fit books. If they were not, they set them beside their book bin. Afterwards, I spread out the book baskets around the room and the students went shopping for new good fit books!

We then, did read to self and as we were doing it, a kiddo went to our recycle bin (AKA book mark bin), got a marker and wrote a number 5 on the paper. Came up to me and said, "Mrs. Hursh, I made myself a good fit book mark so I never forget to use the good fit book rule." *Happy Teacher Moment.* This sparked an idea for the activity the following day because my kids are always wanting a bookmark *proof they're actually reading*!
 I was going to print and laminate some, but it becomes so much more meaningful & purposeful for the students when they create something themselves.

I modeled how to trace our hand, and place numbers on our fingers. I modeled some fun coloring and then off they went. After students were finished, I laminated their hands so they could use them all year long.

Next week, we'll learn this poem as a beginning of the week refresher! 
I may use it as one of our transition songs too! ;-)

I'd love to hear how you introduce good fit books to your kids too! 
Feel free to comment below!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your poster. I'm using it with my classes in the library and the kids are really learning it!

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  5. Can you email me the poster? the link is no longer working.

  6. Can you email me the poem and hand print poster please. It says it is in the "owner's trash". Thank yah.

  7. I would love this poem to print out. Thanks

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  11. I really enjoyed your poster and poem. Could you please send it to me?

  12. Would you be able to send the poster and poem to me as well? I love this lesson. Thank you so much!

  13. Hi there, Am I able to get the poster and poem? It is just what I was looking for, for my grade 1 classroom! thanks