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Bone Soup: Books Teachers Love!

Alright! You have got to get this book, "Bone Soup!" It's adorable and perfect for so many reasons! Let's get started shall we?!

The book is super similar to, "Stone Soup." 
The character in this book is Finnigan. He is known for his enormous appetite and on Halloween he enters a new town. All of the creatures who live in the town quickly hide their food once they find out Finnigan is on his way! He knocks on doors to see if they have any food, but they all say no. So, Mr. Finnigan, plays a little... what I call, "trick" on all of these creatures. He gets a cauldron ready and puts in a magical bone to make some delicious bone soup. He just needs a few ingredients though. The other creatures come around and they all end up sharing their food in order to make the bone soup complete. So, in the end, Finnigan does get a HUGE feast and he is hungry no more!

I will use this book in a few different ways, I plan to have students sequence and compare and contrast "Stone Soup." I will be also having students respond to the book with an opinion. They will also do a directed drawing to go with their reading response. We can NEVER have too much practice with following directions! 

In the response, students circle if they would or would not like to eat bone soup. Then, I want them to provide a reason and a conclusion. We will do a lesson on opinion writing before they do this response.

After the response is finished, that's when they will do the directed draw. I always draw the picture with them for my visual learners!

By the time we reach this book, we will have already learned about digraphs. So, I created a quick SH/TH sort! Students sort their bones, and write their words on a recording form!

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