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What a wonderful week!

This week was all about verbs.  My kiddos has so much fun with this topic.  I got a fabulous resource from Amy Lemons.  Students made a book, "All about me."  They used action verbs in their sentences while working on past, present and future.  

These kiddos worked so hard on their books!!  I wish I could keep them all.  They are so sweet and Oh My Gosh! SOO FUNNY! I have 2 photo's that I have to share from the book.

This student is quite the charater. "I want to be a wedgie ninja."  There is not a verb.. but I still got a crack out of this one.

To get the book from Amy then click here:

To get the kiddos ready for this fun little lesson I made a few anchor charts to get us going!

First I made a Verb anchor chart: Pinterest find-- just re-created!

I also got the anchor chart ideas from.. of course Pinterest and Amy.  Here are the pics I used to get the students going.

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