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Our week back from Spring Break

I missed my post last week so I want to give a quick peek into my week last week! It was our first week back from spring break and my little ones were sooo well behaved! 

We learned all about the long I sound and completed all sorts of dinosaur activities! Students also did a lot of partner work and learned about adding s and es to the ends of words to make them plural. Here are some pictures from last week!
I do not know about your kids but mine do so well with hands on activities! This sorting activity really helped with this concept. On Friday I gave a quick assessment to see if they got it and I tell you what!!! They got it!

Students also wrote about the things they did over spring break. I took a picture of my coworkers spring break writing flower because I love how she did the different color petals!... something to keep in mind for next year!
Here is a picture of the ones we created in my room! The kids loved it and it was a great kick starter to our week back!
In math last week we worked on fractions and it was so much fun! All the activities we did last week really helped the kids 'get it.'
Here is some our fun!
We created a book of fractions. We cut circles into different equal parts to learn about whole, half, thirds and fourths. (from Cara Carrol's unit)
I took a picture of this for obvious reasons. I laughed out loud! :) This little guy of mine is so creative. I always tell him that he is going to be writing books and making cartoons when he is older!
On Friday I had students complete math stations! We played Fraction Match. Students worked in groups of three either at the yellow table or on an easel to match the fraction, picture and fractional term all together.
Students then played addition boom in partners! This is a freebie on Tpt I found a while ago! All I kept hearing was the word, "BOOM!" :) They loved it!
Here we have a group of three playing the game. I wish I could show their cute little faces! They are smiling so big and laughing! I love it!
Alright that is it for now! My next post is going to be HUGE and all about DINOSAURS! I am stocking up the pictures now and the kids are just loving it!!
Have a great week with your littles!


  1. Aww.. This makes me miss the little kids. :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and I LOVE all your creative ideas. Looking forward to sharing and smiling together!
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