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Five for Friday!

Whoop Whoop! It is Friday!

This week was my last full week of full instruction! It is a bitter sweet feeling! I am sure it is for all of you too! It has been quite a crazy year and I am so proud of my kids! They have came such a LONG way! Here are a few things we did this week!

Our 'theme' this week was pirates and finding the main ideas of stories!
We started the pirate theme by reading, "Pirates go to school."
Students created these cute things (forget the name). We worked on main idea at the beginning of the year and it was so hard for them. This time it was easy peezy!! They did great!

We then read the book, "How I Became A Pirate."
We then filled out a story element map with it! This story is amazing! I want to find some more pirate themed stories. I would love to do more with it!
I had students illustrate a picture of a pirate while they were waiting on others to finish their story element map & this is one of the drawings I got! Amazing!!! This little guy is such an artist!
After we worked with main idea (students also learned about mapping) we began a writing!
We created a bubble in their writing journal, wrote a rough copy and then made our final copy and craft!
If you read my last post about my little one who I couldn't get to write the word "the" without crying at the beginning of the year then here is her progress and proof that she has made leaps and bounds this year! Her writing is far from perfect and not quite where it should be... but for not being able to read most of her pop-corn words and not being able to write down on word without crying... I would say this is awesome!! I am so proud of her! But anyway... this is her rough copy of, "If I were a pirate..."
Here is another students rough copy! This one went on and on and on! My kiddos have gotten so good at adding detail to their writing to express their thoughts! :) Can you tell I'm proud?!!!

Here is the final result! The picture isn't very good. Not able to read the writing in this but the pirate turned out super cute!!

Here is the display of pirates in the hallway! They will be up there for a good 7 more days for everyone to see & enjoy!
So if your like me... your classroom ran out of pencils before the school year ended and had to go purchase your own... not happy because my boys like to sharpen their pencils so they are short... ugh!
So... as a motivator so I did not have to go buy more pencils I put polka dot duct tape at the top and wrote their names. Each kiddo has their own pencil that they need to keep track of all day until the last day of school. If the students keep their same pencil until the last day of school then they get a prize from the prize box!... It has been 2 days and my sharpener has been getting much less use than before! ... This is working I tell ya! The kids leave school and their pencils are neatly placed on their desk! ... I am going to make this a year long thing :)
If you decide to do this... when you write their name on duct tape be sure to put clear tape over it because the marker (even permanent) rubs right off! 
Now onto non-teaching related... my significant other bought a book called, "Wheat Belly." If you watch Dr. Oz you may have heard of this concept...
Basically the stuff that says, 100% whole gran is actually making you FAT!! Ugh... I was eating that stuff like it was going out of style... basically it is not REAL wheat it is the processed stuff and they are claiming it to be "real."
So... I read the first chapter and I'm convinced... I am doing my best to stay away from wheat products... Can I just tell you that it is SO HARD?!! I haven't fully cut it out... but I am getting there. It is tough to stop cold turkey here! For one... I can't cook to save my life... 2... yah I just can't cook ha ha
Here is the book & what I got from the grocery to get myself started!

All of this stuff should be gone... but it's not. I also bought a whole bunch of fruit and I am enjoying a LOT of smoothies! :)
So... if you want to help a girl out you could give me so ideas for some wheat free yummy meals... I am also picky and dislike meat other than chicken... :) My mother loved feeding me when I was younger! he he
I haven't given a freebie on my blog for a while so here is one!! :) Click the picture to grab it!
If you want to buy the whole pack you can go here to get it for 2 buckaroos!
Have a great weekend!!!



  1. Your pirates are so cute!! I had to go gluten free a year ago. It was hard at first! I haven't read all of wheat belly, just an excerpt. I need to put it on the list to read this summer. I am Paleo now, so I don't eat any grains. I have found lots of good recipes on Pinterest and on Paleo blogs. If you want to email us, I can send some along! Good luck transitioning out of wheat products!

    :) Sarah (and Tamra)
    First Grade Buddies

  2. I love your pirate unit! That is so cute... thanks for sharing. Also thanks for the info on the wheat... I have been eating wheat based items because I thought it was healthy! ugh... now I know to look out for that :) You saved me a couple of pounds!

    Have a great weekend!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  3. Your pirates are so cute! I have both of those pirate books! Pirate-related projects are always so fun. ARG :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  4. Pirates are a fun way to end the school year! Your kids' pirates look adorable! Enjoy your summer!