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Five for Friday! 6/28/13

Happy Friday everyone! If you've been keeping up with me this week you've seen how stressed I am & you've entered a giveaway & grabbed a freebie! If not the freebie is still available on my blog post from Wednesday!
Any who here are my five 'REALLY' random things from my week!
1. I have been in my room all week trying to organize files and plan my YEAR with a colleague of mine! We are on week 10 now (Halloween Week)!!
It is kind of a disaster! I organized files according to topic and I am pulling from them while planning for each week. I think that soon these files will be non-existent and I will have my weekly 'themed' files! (That is the hope)

2. I moved into a bigger room and I have also been trying to decorate a bit! I went to hobby lobby & purchased some fabrics!
 Yes, I may have loved Amy Lemons material that she got! :)
Another bulletin board fabric! :)
3. I also updated my classroom décor and began hanging it up in the classroom along with a few other things!
I used my handy dandy laminator! :)
 I placed the subject cards on a long pocket 'thing' for students to turn in their work this year! I had a terrible time last year always having to organize papers when grading so I am hoping this will help?!
I did the magnetic word wall this year! :)

This is where I will be writing students learning targets for the day!

I also got the alphabet line hung up! I love this one!

I am still working the final touches to my décor pack so it is not up yet!
4. This week my friend and I laid out at the pool and it began to storm!! She grabbed my phone and took it home with her on accident so I went an entire day and a half with out my phone. My boyfriend & are are long distance right now so we had a few google video dates!
5. Last but not least I went on a cleaning spree this week and caught up on my favorite show! I also... made the boyfriend dinner one night this week when he came up to visit!
Basically, it is chicken parmesan but it is the best ever! You can get the Panko bread crumbs at Kroger!
Here is the picture of the chicken!! This is seriously the easiest thing to make and take that from me... I can't cook to save my life! :)
Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the final result.. I was too hungry! :)
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Have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Love the pop of color in your classroom. Laminating is something, I confess, that I am obsessed with! I have my own as well. You are reminding me that I need to pick up more lamination sheets! lol
    Chicken Parm was one of my all time favorites as a kid.


  2. Wow you have a lot going on! I hope your room gets put together before school starts! Lol you must've gotten your paper turn in pocket thing idea from Cassidy!!! So jealous you only work down the hall from her! She has such good ideas! You'll have to ask her how it worked for her since yours is set up the same :) good luck!

    1. You got it! I loved how she did that last year and I am going to give it a shot!! :) It'll help cut time with sorting papers!