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New Pins for you!

Another Friday! Boy, summer is just scooting right on by and pinning is becoming more and more of a hobby because of these parties!
I am linking up with Cara for her 'Favorite Pins Friday!'
Here we goooo!!!
Since, I am revamping this little blog of mine and making into a teaching/teacher fashion blog I have been searching for outfits upon outfits! Here are a few of my favorites!
all things katie marie- Adorable blog with great teacher outfits
I love the look of all of these outfits! I need to go shopping pronto!
Classy teacher outfit-- glad to see flats, instead of trendy heels. Sorry fashion, but I stand all day.
I love this outfit because it is so cute and yet so professional. I am going to be looing for something similar to this for meet the teacher night. I love the yellow and black together.
Olive pants, White sweater, Black accents. Cute for City Style.
I love this outfit too! Her boots and purse are just adorable.
This would be a great Friday outfit! So comphy looking too.
Next up...
I just got a hair cut yesterday so this is also on my mind! It was a good 7 months without a trim... I am not a fan of getting my hair trimmed... :)
I love the French fishtail braid here. This really would be so quick and easy for a day when you're running late!... aka... me as always! (I swear I'm never late... I just have to rush)
gonna try this.
This would be so easy to do too. Scrunch up your hair. Braid and pull it to the other side! Wahla!
Double waterfall braid
Now onto the teaching stuff!! :)..
I found these attention grabbers about two days ago and I will be printing these and putting them up! Last year I just did the same ones over and over again. I got bored with them so I know the kids for sure did!
Attention grabbers for class
Another new obsession of mine is math centers. I decided to take the plunge and do math centers with math workshop and guided math this year so I have been creating/buying/research like a mad woman!
This resource has cute ideas!
Math Centers Galore!
Last but not least for teaching this week...
Last year I hated when I had kids get partners and there were always, always a few kids left out! Towards the end of the year I learned of clock partners... which is neat but I like to spruce stuff up a bit more than that... and that's when I found this! Ahh... kids are going to love it! I want to B*dazzle theirs! (let them do it of course is what I mean by that)
cell phone partners-each child selects 10 names to put on a speed dial number. When you need a partner, teacher calls out a number and they check the speed dial to see who their partner is this time. cute idea
And dun dun dunnnnnn... wedding stuff because a girl can dream!
I am told this engagement stuff is going to be happening soon from the boy...
so... I am really dreaming!
Here are some cute ideas I found!
Love this photo idea!Pretty :)a bride and her doggotta remember this one :)that might be the cutest thing i've ever seen
Alright... now, I'll be finished with this obsession we all call pinning!
I have a lot more but I guess I can save them for next week! :)

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  1. LOVE all these pins! I really want to go shopping now:)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  2. Love the pics! And I loveeee the idea of combining fashion and teaching! So cute!!!