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Martin Luther King + 4 More on Friday!!

Hey! Guess what!? I have time for a five for Friday!! Yayy!!
 So here we go!

Today, we had a two hour delay so we didn't get much done but I wanted to make sure we definitely got to some Martin Luther King Jr. fun! It's always my favorite thing to teach because we really have good talk about thinking about 'everyone.' I'm just going to give you a little overview of our lesson. :)
Throughout the week we read some non-fiction MLK stories and completed some non-fiction activities (no pictures). Today, we read the story, "White Socks Only"
You can get this right off of

Here are the kiddos totally engaged in this story! I love Storyline! Just popped it onto the smart-board and let it play!

We had some discussion about the moral of this story which they got after a lot of conversation. Then, we started on 'dream' writing. Their homework last night was to come up with a dream that they had to help make our community or the world a better place. They came in with their ideas and we jotted a few of them down on the board.

These ideas are all theirs... my heart was melting while I was writing all of this for them!

Then, the kiddos got started on their dream writing. I took their writing a step further -- rather than just stating their dream and I asked them to write about how they could make it possible. What could you do to really make this dream come true? It took a lot of thought on their part--but, they were very creative and did amazing. Here are a few of them!

"I have a dream for no more wars. Make a robot that makes notes in a snap and get it all over the world in one hour in one day." (love)

"I have a dream to have no more wars so that every body makes friends with others. I'll so it by making signs that say no more wars."

This one really got me...
"I have a dream to be strong everyday to help people and I wish I could be a super hero because I want to save people all the time."

So, there is some our MLK fun (I swear we did more but I just didn't take pictures)
I got the cute craft here (because I am not good at coming up with these things ha):

I am making this one of my five for Friday updates because I am so excited. You might want to take a seat first... I left school ON A FRIDAY at 4:00! I am more than proud of myself for this accomplishment! ha ha... you might think it sounds silly but Friday's are normally my 'late' days. I normally stay until 7 or 8 getting stuff prepped, cut and ready to go for next week. This week I planned early, got my stuff ready and someone else made all of my copies! At our school we have these volunteers that we call Eagle Angels and they come in and copy/cut stuff for us. Well, I've never been able to take advantage of this because I'm never ready and I don't plan early enough (or at least good enough--I take a while to finalize my lessons)--I'm picky! So, yeah... I'm excited!

This week my fiance and I went to my favorite store ever! Hobby Lobby! We are getting our engagements pictures done soon (after rescheduling three times). Look at these cute pillows we got--plus some other ideas for wedding decor. I just had to show you!
You might think I'm weird when I say this but this week was the first time I had ever been to a laundry mat. Not even sure if that is spelled right but we'll go with it. Our pipes in our rental house burst over the cold winter week that we had--- and they're the ones that go to our washing machine... so, the fiance and I had to do a little laundry else where. It wasn't as bad as it seems. :) But, I hope I don't have to do it again! I got lucky in college and had an apartment that had a washer and dryer so that is the reasoning behind all of this. 

I've got lots of stuff done this past week (tpt wise) and here it is if you interested. One of them is FREE!!

Next week (like not this one coming -- but the next one) we will be introducing long I and here is the Long I unit! All done and ready to go!

Here is a mini-unit (freebie) I made last week that I will be using this upcoming week! Snatch it if you'd like!! It's all about homophones and introducing them to your students. There are lesson and station ideas inside!! :)

I am also ready for some Valentines Day fun! So, here are the math and literacy stations for that (even though its a ways away)!!

Have a great weekend and MLK day!!

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  1. I love that a child in your class has the dream to only have 2 days of school per week and another one wants everything made of candy. Kids are entertaining!

    A. I {heart} Hobby Lobby too! and B. I love seeing wedding things...planning a wedding is sooo fun! I miss it.

    Crayons and Whimsy