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My Confession & Visuals!

We'll just start this blog post off with an explanation or three...

1. I did not watch the Superbowl tonight -- only the halftime show... I don't like football unless it's the Bengals and even then it's hard for me to pay attention.

2. I am still trying to figure out how to do stations in my classroom...You'll see...

3. I ALWAYS THINK ABOUT TEACHING!! Yes, that's a confessions because I have a million other things I should be thinking of and I always think about--but, instead here is an insight inside of my brain on any given day-- "I should do ____ (I read a new blog post) in my room... wait no.. this person has a good idea I should try that...Ooo good idea for a new Tpt product...."Yeah... that's my mind all day!!

Right here is evidence of me changing something in my classroom once again. Before I start I want you to keep in mind that I am a 2nd year teacher... so, I am still figuring out how I want to do things within my classroom. 
Here is my dilemma; maybe you can relate...

1. I want to differentiate my instruction during reading
2. I want to meet the common core to a T 
3. I want to do stations that are meaningful

Today, I was reading through Reagan Tunstall's blog about guided math and I did do this in my classroom but we really don't have a lot of time in our day (due to 2 recesses...don't get me started). So, I only do math stations and use that time for my intervention. Then, I got to thinking...I literally spend over 2 hours on READING instruction! OMG! Part of it whole group, phonics, try to write, literacy stations, guided reading & intevention. Are you getting my drift? It was not working for me. So, this is what I am trying...By Golly I hope it works!

I am trying the guided math workshop approach and transforming it into my reading instruction! We all read the same story and focus on the same comprehension concept BUT the reading concept is differentiated! I will be teaching reading in small groups for 12 minutes to each group and I will meet with all 5 groups in a day.  I was inspired on this idea by reading Fabulous in firsts blog and how she does shared reading. She has all students read the same story BUT their recording forms are differentiated on their abilities.
So, here is the kicker... my groups are not based upon reading level but ability to comprehend and understand read material.

I am using the stories from our basal series until I figure out how to get multiple copies of other books. I created differentiated forms on prediction, sequencing, comparing and contrasting and authors purpose. I would share but this book is only available in the basal soooo it's kind of pointless.

Click on the picture if you would like these labels!  
These are the 5 rotations that my students will be visiting each day. To see what they are doing this week at these stations you'll want to click on my visual plans at the bottom.

I will only have one literacy station out a day that students must finish before moving on to their next station which is i-pad. Each day at the writing station students will get out their February writing journal that I just purchased from Curriculum Castle. They keep these in a yellow folder in their book bin.

 I have students who work fast and accurately so I always have to have extra stuff for them to do and these are it. They can complete activities we didn't make it to in previous weeks in the pink bins or they can practice their spelling words using manipulative materials in the clear bin until the station time is up.

Now, we are going to transition...MATH!!

Before I go on you may have noticed that everything I do is very simple... I don't want it to be this simple but if it isn't my class is all kinds of confused. I have quite the group this year and I have to make a lot of accommodations for students so this is my reasoning for trying to figure all this out. :)

My math stations are completed after our whole group lesson and when students complete their assigned math journal page. Students complete their math station on their own at their table. I only put in math stations that have been taught and mostly mastered so then I can work with students with other concepts at this time.

Each day students get a bin on their table and that is their assigned math station activity. They complete it and then they can choose a math game that we have learned.

This is how my bins are labeled. It is nothing earth shattering but it works. On Monday the green table has this bin, Tuesday-blue table, Wednesday-Red table, Thursday-Yellow, Friday is GAME DAY!!!! It makes students accountable and it helps me make sure all students visit each bin each day. I have some sly ones in my room this year...or they try to be. ;) I love them... they're the ones that make me smile! lol I don't know why... I always like the ornery kids!

Here are the stations that the students are working on this week!! 
This is basically what the bins look like. Super simple and nothing earth shattering here. Just simple clear bins from the dollar store! Some day I will make things cute... but until then... I just want to get it all figured out!
We are also learning a new game this week that can be found by clicking below.
There is also a little craft and number story activity included too!

Okay... Now for my plans for the week!! I am so hoping we do not get a snow day this week because I realllyyyyy want to teach a full week and get some learning done!! 
Click on any of these to get a closer look at my plans~

Here are the links to some of the things I am using this week!

Enjoy your week! I will be back this week to let you know how my new reading routine works!!

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