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Let's get this posted while we can!!

With all of this wedding planning, trying to workout and meetings at school I have fallen off the bandwagon of visual plans! I got caught up this week and the visual plans are done! Whoop whoop! So, I wanted to post these before I got too busy to do so!

When I finished doing my lesson plans I looked at them and went... Whoa I need to make some TPT stuff! I am using lots of amazing resources this week from other sellers and I CAN'T WAIT for this week! My week has something to do with adjectives and something to do with these...
Oh yah!! You know this looks fun. My kids are going to flip! This amazing-ness came from Babbling Abby's Pop Rocks Adjectives unit!

We are also doing robot projects and a sharing party this week with....shhh... a MOVIE!
The awesome robot stuff comes from Erica Bohrer!

So, my kids might just crawl out of their skin once this week comes to an end with excitement! I won't lie... I'm about ready to do the same!

You can pretty much see my week from here but if you wan to see any of the products I am using this week you can click on any of the pictures to go to download my plans in order to click on the pictures!

Now... I am off today to get this sucker done!... FOR NEXT WEEK!!! :)

This will focus on nouns, proper nouns, main focus on pronouns. Also, literacy stations with math stations AND a math lesson! I hope to have it posted by sometime next week!! Stay tuned!

Have a happy Saturday!

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