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Some*bunny* Is Ready For Rabbits!

This week we are learning all about those cute little Easter critters!! I purchased a huge spring writing packet from Hope King. Her packet inspired this cute little rabbit below. 

This is our little rabbit that's going to get our brains going on our schema of rabbits!
I will be writing down student schema on sticky notes and placing them to the left of the rabbit. Then, we will be organizing information into subtopics. I have headers that I will be placing on our anchor chart (belly, cloud and right side of rabbit).

We are reading this booklet I created to find out information about rabbits and review some text features.
This will help us organize our thoughts because we will really be focusing on our headers!

This week we are also digging into UE and EW Stations and making something I call BLUE GEW! 
I can't wait to make this stuff with my kids!! Hopefully it helps them remember their new phonics skill!!

I haven't done a giveaway in forever and so I thought, "Hey, let's give this packet away!"
Enter BELOW!! :) - Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!
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Here are my visual plans for this week!

Here are some of my stations for this week!
 (I meant to take a lot more pictures...but, I got wrapped up in organizing instead)

This is one of the word work activities for this week that my students will be doing. They're going to be so excited!! 

This is from my spring literacy stations packet that is not yet finished... I hope it will be by Wednesday! Life has been really busy with wedding and job search stuff so creating has went on the wayside for now. :(

I hope your have a fabulous week! Enjoy your kids and your rabbit non-fiction freebie above!


  1. Your rabbit is too cute!! I saw you drawing it on IG. I can barely muster up a good stick figure!!! Love the freebie! Thanks for sharing just in time for Easter!
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade

  2. Yay for your spring centers! I can hardly wait! I used your winer centers and my class loved them so I have been hoping that spring ones were on the way! Also I love the rabbit freebie! Thanks for sharing!