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Daily Spelling Practice - the easy way!

Lately, spelling has been on the brain. I'm making a spelling work stations pack and thoughts stemmed from that like, hmmm...more practice----Oh, I know! Morning work! So, this is my plan for this year's morning work. (as of right now-it may change-who knows)

Let's go right on ahead and start!
My kids are going to have a spiral notebook for their daily spelling practice. Each day they will look at a poster (the freebie) I made to direct them to their activity for that day! 

To set up the notebook you will want to have students color and glue on their cover. You will also want to get an envelope and cut it in half. Apply glue to the back of it and glue it on the inside cover of the students spelling notebook.

In the freebie there are day by day posters. I am going to hang these posters up in my room as a visual cue for students each morning. :) I love it! They get in spelling practice everyday through meaningful activities!

Mondays activity asks students to write their spelling words on note cards and then add a sentence using their spelling word. You will need to display the weeks words for all students to see somewhere in the room on Monday so they can complete this activity. Once, the finish they can illustrate a picture to show understanding of the word. When finished students put their words in the Spelling Words pocket so they can use them for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday students write their words and then spell & check two times. You will need to create flaps for each student. You can use paper as I have in the picture or you can use card stock or a file folder.

 I stapled the side of the paper, folded it over and stapled again. Then, cut two slips and labeled each flap so the kids won't forget what to do. You can have the kids make their own and 'pretty it up.'

The paper version is really nice because it fits right over a piece of notebook paper without being too bulky. 

Students will use their cards to write one word at a time. After they write that word they close the first flap and try to write it under the second flap. They pick up both flaps and check. Then, close both flaps and try to spell it one more time under the third flap.

It looks like this. If students make a mistake they can correct it as I did with the word sunshine in green.

On Wednesdays the students work on their syllables, vowels and consonants.

Students write the word, break it apart by syllables and then tell the number of syllables. It is great to really dig into the words and notice the spelling patterns. Students will also color consonants green and vowels blue.

On Thursday, students sort their cards in ABC order, write their words 3x and then define at least 5 words. This is the perfect way to get kids looking in the dictionary = applying those ABC order skills! ;)

On Friday, students will write you a story or whatever they want using as many spelling words as you can. I didn't say all because sometimes that can just be plain hard and totally mess up a story. Then, they just need to illustrate a picture.

As always, students finish early and if you don't have something else you want them to do I made little spelling games! You can even put these at stations or use at other times in the day.

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