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My 100th Product! Telling Time & Elapsed Time!

It's a quick post - it's my 100th product and I'm so elated right now!

I have literally never worked so hard on a product in my life!!! This unit is so thorough and comprehensive! Telling time to the nearest minute and elapsed time is something that I know will be hard for some of my students to master. I wanted to make a unit where I could differentiate and challenge my students so they fully grasped this concept! I just posted it to TPT and I am so excited! I feel like it's the best product I've ever created and it just happens to by my 100th product! I remember when I was at 12 products! I've put in so many hours, have 'met' so many lovely bloggers and tpt-ers who have motivated me and inspired me through this journey!

Click above or click any of the pictures to head to my TPT store for more information!
I'll be posting photos later since I'll be using this in my own classroom this week!! ;)

 Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!

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