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Doubles Books!

Yesterday we were introduced to our x2 multiplication facts & you can read about it here. Today, we learned about the commutative property and we created doubles books to work on word problems and our x2 (doubles) facts!

To work on commutative property I gave students a simple printable where they answered x2 facts. Then, we reviewed commutative property and students flip-flopped their multiplication problems. We discussed the patterns we saw and how we learned not just one fact... but, actually 2 facts!

I will be making multiplication products & you can grab a little part of this one for free! ;)

As we worked on our x2 facts we took breaks, flipped over our paper and recited the facts to work on memorizing them! *Fact Fluency!!!!*

Afterwards, I brought students down to the rug and presented the following word problem.

We worked together to solve the word problem using ALL of the strategies that we have learned so far! The kids came up to the board and completed each strategy. Then, we explained and discussed it for review.

After our little whole group lesson, students went back to their desk - I presented more word problems on the board and they completed the task you see above on their white boards. We shared and discussed again!

Then.................................... we started our Doubles Books!!
I let the kids take total ownership over these books. We all had to agree on a common topic so it was 'book like.' Then, we brainstormed situations that could happen with our topic.
They picked candy and came up with the situations that you saw above.
After we brainstormed, I modeled how to use the topic and a situation to create a x2 multiplication problem. Then, students brainstormed and wrote their own on their whiteboard - got it approved by me and then wrote it on their book page (aka blank white piece of paper)!

The kids did an awesome job and some students even created multi-step word problems! Happy teacher heart!!
I hope you are enjoying these little lesson posts - nothing crazy-but, I am taking it slow and figuring out how to teach this stuff! ;) I'll get more creative in later years but for now - it's working and we're having fun!

Tomorrow we are working on fact fluency with x2 facts and then we'll be moving onto x10 facts!

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