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You thought it was over?

You may have thought the deals were done... but, guess again. Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher and I are teaming up again to do another giveaway!! I am so excited to be teaming up with her! Little does this lady know (until now) - I literally idolized (still do) her! I stalked her blog like a crazy lady last year when I taught first and I am just tickled pink that I get to collaborate with such an amazing tpt-er and person. Joining that OWLS team has been a mini-dream come true!

Kay-enough mushy gushy stuff...Back to the giveaway ...  You. don't. want. to. miss. this!

Here is the dealio-it's 12 days long (you know-12 days of Christmas)
-There are 12 DIFFERENT giveaways
-Each giveaway only lasts 24 hours
-Each giveaway will be 'giving away' different products
-There may or may not be a freebie waiting inside of each one after you enter.?! hm....
... So, you may or may not want to check our blogs each day to
1. Enter the giveaway & 2. Grab a holiday freebie! (They're good... and their not all in our stores)!

Today you can enter to win these items:
(I would do it if I were you... there is a freebie waiting for you after you enter)
An extra 'entry' may or may not appear with a link to your freebie... hmmm....? ;)

Enter below and enjoy your freebie!!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for another giveaway and a new freebie!

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