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My Week & New Products Giveaway!

I just have to say this... Teaching never leaves my mind AND I love it!! At the end of the school year, I was burnt OUT! I am not ready to begin school anytime soon. I am thoroughly enjoying my summer break because I get to create, create, create!! I love having the time 'off' to prepare for the upcoming school year. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been really busy creating activities for back to school. I've got a little nugget on the way and I am trying to get as ready as I possibly can. I know once Sept/Oct hits, my mind will be on baby and not as much on creating. Ya feel?! lol

I also haven't gotten to give any of it away! So, today there is a giveaway going on, and I'm giving away EVERYTHING I've created so far!! It's at the bottom on #5! :-)

Anywho, let's get on a roll with this Five for Friday! 

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This week, I got glasses!! AHH! I went to the Dr. two weeks ago. She asked me if I had any concerns with my sight. I said nope, each time I've gotten a check-up I've had 20/20 vision. I hadn't noticed any changes. She then asked me to read the bottom row of letters and I say, "MNIEOD." The Dr. looked at me, giggle and went, "NOPE!" Ha! So, needless to say, my eyesight has changed since my last check up. I'm secretly excited to have glasses. They really enhance that 'teacher look!"

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I've been growing very slowly in the belly area and Mr. Hursh caught a cute photo on Saturday of my little tiny bump. It's more like a bloated belly at this point! lol Anyway, we went on a date night to one of our favorite restaurants called Marcella's Italian Kitchen!

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Then, yesterday. I decided to go to the teacher store for a little shopping trip. I am being really, really good this summer. I am not spending money on teacher stuff! But wait, I just said I went shopping?! That's right! I had a gift card!!!! :-) Here is what I got!

I also stocked up on some other things a few weeks ago with another gift card to the teacher store! <3 p="">

I am really trying to stock up on things that I can see myself using throughout the year and not just once. If you have any must haves for first grade, let me know!

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I've also already been planning for the year ahead. So far, I have the first week planned- and almost the second week planned too! My district does not have a curriculum that we have to follow, so planning does take a while... that's why I'm getting a head start. I love that I don't have a curriculum to follow!!! I do a lot of reading to gather ideas! For math this year (because one person can't do it all), I am using EngageNY. I found this website at the end of 3rd grade and wished I could have used it all year. I'm going to use it as a guideline for my lessons... and of course still use my interactive math journals and math stations!

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Most of what I've been doing this week is CREATING STUFF!!! :-)
Here is what I've created this far! There are many more things to come!

Back to School Math Stations - Not out Yet!! ;-)

That is a total of 6 free products!!!

I also haven't done a giveaway yet this summer... so if you are in need of the stuff below.. enter the giveaway at the bottom and you can win it all!



  1. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!!
    Pregnancy agrees with you because you look great!

  2. You look great with your pregnancy - congratulations! How exciting! Sounds like you've had a great week! I love that you have no curriculum to follow - although tiring it must also be great at times!!

    1. Yes, it can be extremely tiring!! It'll be worth it one day! (hopefully) ha

  3. Your bump is adorable! And I love your dress! Where did you get it?

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  4. That "Sound Hounds" game looks super cute. I will have to check it out for my first graders. My kids are OBSESSED with all things Pop. I have both sight word versions, the word families version, and the addition/subtraction versions. It is one of their favorite games to play all year :) Adorable glasses and bump by the way!

    Paiges of Learning

    1. I keep looking at the word family version! I will probably end up buying that one too! :-)

  5. Your glasses are so cute and so are you and the little baby bump! I wear glasses and love to change up my look with different frames. Have you been on the Zenni Optical website? It's legit...I buy all my glasses from there and the prices are amazing!
    What's the scoop on the First Six Weeks of School book? That's the first time I've seen that title.
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  6. Your glasses are so cute! New follower and new teacher. So excited for this fun giveaway!