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First Week Lesson Plans!

Throughout the year, I post a lot of visual plans!
They always include links to activities I'm using for the week and sometimes there are freebies too!

I don't start school until August 25th, but I wanted to get these up on the blog!

For the first week of school, I want to get things started right away! In the past, I've found that the year would have had a better start if I had started with routine right away! We are still doing the fun stuff, but I am trying really hard to create routine right off the bat. We'll see how it goes!

You can read the plans by clicking here or by clicking the plans below.

You'll notice we are going to Reagan Tunstall it out each morning for morning work!
I love the rise and shine binder & daily language practice.

To get going with our routines, I am using my Back to School Activities Pack for firsties! 
There are a ton of ELA and Writing activities included that will help establish rules and routines!

Here are a few of the back to school activities that we'll be completing!! :-) I can't wait!!!!

This year, I am going to 'attempt' to do morning meetings. After transitions and such, I really only have 3 hours and 45 min with my class. So, we will see if I can fit it in.

This year in math, I will be using Kristen Smith's First Grade Guided Math Unit to help guide my instruction. I have a whole bunch of stations and units that I'll integrate, but her unit for the year is just awesome! I couldn't not buy it!

Also, this year, I am all about Cafe and my own little form of The Daily 5!

To kick off read to self expectations in a fun way, I am using the Reader's Expert pack from A Year of Many Firsts. Then, we'll jump right into Check for Understanding. I am thinking I will spend a little more time on each comprehension strategy rather than just one day as suggested by the book. I was reading the First Grade Critter Cafe blog and she has a little timeline of how she introduces the strategies. It sounds like a fabulous idea to me! So, I'm on board! (unfortunately - lost where that blog post is... let me know if you find it!)!!

In Daily 5 News: I will be introducing all 5 stations in a matter of 3-4 weeks. It really just depends on my class! It could easily turn into 5-6 weeks if we need it.

My 5 stations this year will be:

1. Read to Self
2. Skill Work
3. Word Work
4. Read to a Partner/Listen to Reading (Students will have assigned days).
5. Writing

Here is a glance at my rotation board that I'll have in case you missed it on my last post.
You can grab these station cards here.

I'll be back to update you on more of my plans for this year!
I'm excited to get going!!

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