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Otis and the Scarecrow - Books Teacher Love

Welcome to another monthly edition of Books Teachers Love. This month, I am sharing a book with you (well books) that I used last year in the month of November. It is one of my favorite units!

The books I am sharing this month is, "Otis and the Scarecrow."

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We spent an entire week on Otis and learning about him as a character. 
We also threw in some verb work!

We first read the book, "Otis and the Scarecrow."
We reviewed the term character and we added the words, "main character" to the anchor chart.
After we read the book, we discussed his inside character traits. I wrote them on sticky notes and added them to the chart. 

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We read a different Otis book each day of the week. Each time, we added more character traits.

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As we came up with character traits throughout the week, we also worked on providing reasons for why we chose those traits.

We picked three character traits to REALLY focus on. We numbered the trait, numbered the word because and numbered some more text evidence. This worked like a *charm.*

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After our character study, we did a directed drawing activity of Otis. Then, we added our character trait description.

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The kids had so much fun with this unit!

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