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Books Teachers Love: The Night Before Christmas

Welcome to Books Teachers Love! A monthly, blog link up where teachers share some of our favorite read aloud for the upcoming months! This month, I am sharing the book, "The Night Before Christmas" by Natasha Wing.

This is an adorable book about how the night before Christmas, nothing would go right for the family. Unfortunate and comical things kept happening on the night before Christmas. It's an adorable book that any child would enjoy.

Right after I read this book, I envisioned that students create a present and on the present, write some of the things they do or would like to do on the night before Christmas.

In each part of the present, students just write one of the things they would do a draw a simple picture. You could add little white pieces of paper so students can write on that and add color the their pictures if you would want them to. Sometimes, though I just love the simplicity of a black picture! :)

Making this present is super simple. You just need to cut out a square or rectangle piece of construction paper. Cut multiple strips of green for the ribbon. Then, to add the bow - bend four pieces of paper in half and glue - like the picture you see below.

Then, glue the ribbons to the back of the present! It's super easy and would make an adorable bulletin board in your classroom!

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