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How to Create Learning Folders!

I am sure many of you have made learning folders to hold students work for a unit of study. In case you haven't and this catches your attention, I wanted to show you how they could be made for free! There is no need to buy file folders, or real folders for that matter.

Here are the materials you need:

  • Two pieces of computer paper (any color)
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Two half sheets of computer paper

Most of us, have the stuff I mentioned above on hand. If you don't have tape, you'll be fine without it! use glue instead! Here is how I created my learning folders for my Living and Nonliving unit of study with my first graders!

Step One: Get two pieces of paper.

Step Two: Tape the two pieces of paper together in the center. I do the inside and the outside for durability.

Step Three: Cut out pockets for the folders. You can cut out one or two pockets. Students can decorate their pockets!

Step Four: Attach the pockets to the folder - only applying glue to the bottom, left and right side. 

Step Five: Add a cover! This is a great way to let students in on what they'll be learning! They can decorate it with prior knowledge, the learning objective or they can write down new learning from your very first lesson!

Last but not least... add all the learning inside the folder!

Don't let the back of the folder go to waste either - Make it interactive, make a game on the back, make some flipper flappers! Have fun!!

I hope you found this post helpful and it sparked some ideas for your own units of study! I used my Living and Nonliving unit here in my examples. If you are interested in that, click the cover below!

Thanks so much!!

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