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100th Day Speed Read

Hello educators!! Today, I am sharing a fun little activity that you can use for the 100th day of school, or any time of the year that you see fit. It's called the 100 Word Speed Read!

This is something that can be paired with a one, two, five minute timer to encourage students to build up their fluency and automaticity of word reading.

Students simply, start at the first word and read as quickly and accurately as they can until they reach the 100th word on their speed read mat!

This week, we have our 100th day of school. We will use this for guided reading warm ups, read to self warm ups AND it'll be a special part of their nightly reading homework!

If all goes well, then we will time ourselves using our ipads to see how quickly we can accurately read all of the words.

We'll jot down our time, and then graph!! I'll use the graph for a warm up talk before our math workshop block. We'll analyze the information and come to some really great conclusions about our reading!

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