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Officer Buckle and Gloria Reading Response

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've been on here but I just wanted to pop in to pass along a freebie that was inspired by our read aloud today.

Each Monday morning, after calendar I read a story to my class that will correlate with one of their reading stations: Book Response. Normally this station has a simple response sheet where they rate the book, tell what it was about, draw their favorite part and circle words to describe the book.

We decided this week to switch it up after we read Officer Buckle and Gloria. Inside the story a student writes Officer Buckle a letter using star shaped paper. My students thought that was so cool. So, this week, their reading response is on star paper. It isn't anything fancy and I've left it pretty open.

These are their choices that I'll provide:
(I'm also always open to their ideas too)

1. Draw a picture of a character and write events that happened to that character.
2. Retell the story elements.
3. Write your own safety tips (this goes with the story)
4. Write about your favorite parts
5. Retell the story

I printed one blank star and one star that has the words, "My Safety Tips."
I am going to leave this pretty open ended and let the students choose what they want to do.

Here is an example of two stars so you can get an idea. I made these two stars as examples for my own students.

To grab this for free, just click here or the picture below!

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