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Hey, Little Ant! Letter A Activities

I wanted to pop in to share a fun activity with you that I made for my children (ages 4 and 2). We began doing a little more intentional learning each day with a learning board that I put in their playroom. Then, each day we do some sort of math or letter activity.

During letter A week, we read the book "Hey, Little Ant!"

My son was super interested in this story. It made him think hard about squishing those ants. :)
The first activity is the letter a squish activity. All you need to do is print off the shoes that you see above and cut them out. When cutting them out you will want to leave strips of paper on each side. You'll wrap them around to create a place for kids to place their fingers. They wear the shoes on their hands like you see in my photo below.

Once the shoes are created, you'll cut out the letter cards to create little tents. Then, it's time to squish! I told Ezra (my son) just to squish the letter A. He had a blast! He wanted more! :)

When the letter squishing was finished, the kids did activities using dabbers.

My two year old did the dabber activity with the large letter A. My four year old did the activity with multiple ants. He squished only the ones with the letter A.

This activity was one we did at the end of the week.
On the first day that we learned about the letter A, the kids worked on their coloring with an ant.

On a different day they also did a ripped paper apple. The kids were given a red piece of construction paper and they ripped it into small pieces. They glued the ripped pieces of paper inside the apple.

Our last letter A activity that I did with the kids was an astronaut craft. You can find the astronaut pieces that you need here: Glued to My Crafts

We used popsicle sticks to make the letter a. Then, the kids colored and cut out their astronaut helmet. I cut out little gloves and boots for their astronauts. They glued these on too. Afterwards, they wanted to do more. We made "space." We used foil for stars! 

If you're interested in grabbing these letter A activities, you can get them by clicking the picture below!

If you're looking for more letter practice, check out the blog post below.


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