Sunday, April 13, 2014

Some*bunny* Is Ready For Rabbits!

This week we are learning all about those cute little Easter critters!! I purchased a huge spring writing packet from Hope King. Her packet inspired this cute little rabbit below. 

This is our little rabbit that's going to get our brains going on our schema of rabbits!
I will be writing down student schema on sticky notes and placing them to the left of the rabbit. Then, we will be organizing information into subtopics. I have headers that I will be placing on our anchor chart (belly, cloud and right side of rabbit).

We are reading this booklet I created to find out information about rabbits and review some text features.
This will help us organize our thoughts because we will really be focusing on our headers!

This week we are also digging into UE and EW Stations and making something I call BLUE GEW! 
I can't wait to make this stuff with my kids!! Hopefully it helps them remember their new phonics skill!!

I haven't done a giveaway in forever and so I thought, "Hey, let's give this packet away!"
Enter BELOW!! :) - Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!
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Here are my visual plans for this week!

Here are some of my stations for this week!
 (I meant to take a lot more pictures...but, I got wrapped up in organizing instead)

This is one of the word work activities for this week that my students will be doing. They're going to be so excited!! 

This is from my spring literacy stations packet that is not yet finished... I hope it will be by Wednesday! Life has been really busy with wedding and job search stuff so creating has went on the wayside for now. :(

I hope your have a fabulous week! Enjoy your kids and your rabbit non-fiction freebie above!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Your Goofiest Gift!? ;)

This past weekend I had my bridal shower.... More photos to come once I get them!

But, I got a magnificent present... one that I know all people just swoon over...

If you have met me you know that I am super goofy so no... this photo does not embarrass me. :)

Now, here is your question...

Be honest.... :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Currently & a peek at my schedule!

Raise your hand if you are so happy that April has arrived! I hope April is good to us here in Ohio! --- By that I mean... No More Snow!! Today was nice and warm but very windy-- but, guess what?! I'm  not complaining!! It was gorgeous today! Anyway, here is my April currently!

Listening: American's Funniest Home Videos -- Nuff said! :)

I don't always watch America's Funniest Home Videos... but when I do the winners are never the videos I laughed at.
This is how I felt at the end of the show!! -HA

Loving: I get a three day spring break! We had to make up two days this week for our bazillion snow days we had in January! We got station in and then we watched a movie with pop-corn that a parent brought in for us this afternoon! :) - These are always the best days! One little guy was so upset though. He said, "This means first grade is almost over--NO!!!!" -- Oh, I love how first graders LOVE school! :)

Thinking: I need to go shopping! I need a new dress-up outfit and a dress for my bridal shower!
I want something like this for my bridal shower... I may be making a trip to the mall tomorrow!

Tiffany Blue Lace Dress

Wanting: To feel better! I came down with a cold yesterday! It will just not do because I have something very important coming up & a cold just isn't something that needs to be happening right now!!

Needing: To do my lesson plans for next week --- It's all about DINOSAURS!! EEEEEK! I also need to finish a money unit that I've been working on for a while & I need to finish spring literacy stations so I have stations for Monday!--This girl will have one busy spring break!

Hours & Last Day: My school hours are 8:50-3:35 and we get out on May 30th!! I figured--since we're on the topic---let's go through my whole day! :) Here's a peek in my room on any given day!

Please excuse my picture. I don't have any of morning work. :)

Here we learned about symmetry together and we drew the other half of the flower. Afterwords students worked on showing their knowledge with a symmetry activity.

Last week we worked on telling stories.

This is from my Dino-Basketball Unit. We were focusing on how to describe everything included in a setting.

Students work with me on phonics or comprehension skills. Other students work on literacy stations. The one above is from my Basketball Literacy Packet.

Here we were focusing on living and non-living! A unit that we will be finishing after spring break!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my day and reading my currently! I hope to see you back!

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