Sunday, September 13, 2015

Visual Plans - Sept 14-19!

I am so excited for this week to start! I feel like we get to actually start, 'real school! Station rotations in reading and math will begin, I get to teach our very first themed reading unit and my littles were acting like first graders last week!

To see what we will be up to, click on my visual plans below!

The images are clickable once the plans are downloaded, so if you're interested in any of the products, just click to check them out!
I am using some awesome resources this year from  TPT authors. 
So, you'll definitely want to take a peek! :)

To celebrate the fact that I get to start stations and guided math instruction, here are some number cards just for you!! :-) I will be using these with my differentiated pick and place game to practice number order & before and after! 

It's the perfect game to provide differentiation, not to mention easy to prep!

To see other plans from this year so far, click here.

I'll be back later this week to share pictures and details from the week!
Stay tuned and have a wonderful time with your kids!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Books Bloggers Love: October Edition

The book I am talking about this month isn't an 'Octobery' one. It's one that can definitely be incorporated into the October fun, but can also teach students a great lesson. This book was introduced to me in college, and I fell in love. I've read it every year! I don't do anything crazy with it, but the possibilities are just endless! I wanted to share some ideas with you this month!

The book is called, "Paper Bag Princess."

Here is a little summary of the book:

Elizabeth is a beautiful princess who is going to marry a prince named Ronald. One day, a dragon takes Ronald away. Elizabeth sets out to get Ronald back from the dragon. Because the dragon had burned all of her clothes, the only thing she could find to wear was a paper bag.

Princess Elizabeth went to the dragon's cave but the dragon would not let her in. Elizabeth tried talking to him and asking him to show her what he could do. He showed her how he could burn down forests and tried to impress her with how fast he could fly around the world. Elizabeth giggled. She had outsmarted the dragon by getting him to use up the rest of his fire and energy.

When the dragon fell asleep, she walked into the cave and rescued Ronald. When Ronald saw how Elizabeth was dressed, he told her to come back when she looked like a proper princess. Elizabeth realized her unappreciative prince was not the one for her and she didn't marry him after all.

I love to use this book for respond to reading activities. It has great situations that can really cause students to think. There is also a great moral to the story!

This book can be used to work on summarizing skills!

I love to tell the kids that they are going to pretend to be newscasters! They have to fill in the TV screens with the major events from the book.

Then, students use those events to write a summary!

I also like students to think about a 'what if?' situation!
It's great to get those wheels turning and to get our pencils writing!

A little grammar doesn't hurt either! ;-)

Then, to top it all off.... you can't read this book without talking about the meaning of the story!
Does it really matter that the girl wore a paper bag? Does this make her a bad person? NO!
So, as always...

Use these as simple bookmarks. Have students think about this and write about what it means on the back! Laminate these for durability! :-)

If you love all of these activities, you can grab them here for FREE! :)

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Visit these ladies below, and don't forget to enter to win 4 new books this month!

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Fitting it all in - My Daily Schedule!

I wanted to pop on by today to give you a peek at our schedule each day. It's always so tough to configure these things and I love gathering ideas from other bloggers to help make the most of my time with the kids! Some of my favorite bloggers that I gathered ideas from for my day were Fabulous in First and First Grade Critter Cafe. I don't have any pictures yet of the schedule in place since we just finished up week 2. Once we get there, I'll be sure to update you! :)

Spelling Bee: Give students a whiteboard and dry erase marker. Give them a practice spelling test! 

Spell Orally: You spell a word orally and have students tell you what word you spelled. Tell students a word to spell orally and listen as they spell.

Clap/Snap Spelling: Clap low for letters that hang below the line when you write, clap in the middle of your chest for letters that are small, clap above your head for letters that are tall. Snap on the vowels!

Sight Word Game ideas from Fabulous in First!

Eraser memory game: Write new sight words on the board. Show students. Erase one. Have students write the one you erased on their whiteboard.

Hot Potato: Pass around a bag with paper potatoes. Students pull out a potato. If they can read the word, they keep it. If they can't, they put it back in the bag. If students pull out a hot potato, they lose that turn.
I included all sight words that we will learn in the first quarter. Perfect review!

I have/Who has: I just made some quick I have who has cards with our sight words on them. I am just changing the cards by the quarter. Download them here. Feel free to change the words!

Mind Reader: Give students clues to the sight word you are thinking of. Have them write their guesses on their whiteboard.
 Example: 'good' - I am thinking of a word that starts with a g. It means the opposite of bad.

This week we did, Pete the Cat!
Here are a few more:
Coming Soon: The Runaway Pumpkin!

I also love the units from Fabulous in First!

Our stations include: Listen to Reading, Word Work, Read to a Partner, Skill Work!
Skill work is where students complete activities that require a recording form.
They have 2 must turn in activities a week. Then, they can play word games!

There you go! I hope this is a helpful little post! :-) Have a fabulous weekend!!
I'll be back with some visual plans for our week 3!! :-)