Monday, September 1, 2014

Our Second Week!!

Last week went by so quickly! We read a lot of books, responded to text, discussed rules of reading and writers workshop and began writing in our journals. That's a mouthful!
We are GREAT at independently reading and writing! The students made this transition so easy so we were able to jump right in to learning! We learned that while we read, we need to always THINK! I read the students a story and during the read aloud students wrote down thoughts and questions about the book. 
Here is the chart we created together! It was very neat to see how many of the students had the same thoughts and/or questions about the book!

We also read, "The Wednesday Surprise" and worked on responding to text. I wanted to see how well students responded to text. We simply read the book, discussed it and then I had students choose two questions to answer. 
The Wednesday Surprise

Math workshop was in full swing this week! It's amazing how well these students grasp rules and procedures! We can just jump right on it and start learning!! We'll see a lot of growth this year!
We continued to work on number patterns to review number sense! 

Everything we used this week was from my Teach Me Math - Number Patterns unit!

On Friday, we completed a number pattern craft that is now displayed in our hallway!

We worked on coming up with our own number patterns when given a rule to follow.

We were working on number pattern task cards.

Students began to explore the base 10 blocks!


 In Reading: We are going to be learning how to use sensory details (5 senses) to create mental images while we read a story. 
In Writing: We are taking a step back and telling oral stories to classmates. We need to focus on story elements and identify WHAT it takes to actual make a narrative (story about themselves) story. We will be charting the different elements and we'll use that chart as a reference through out narrative writing unit.
In Math: We are discussing/reviewing place value to the 100 and 1,000's place. Then, we are learning about standard form, written form and expanded form numbers!
In Grammar: I've noticed that we are forgetting to use correct punctuation or even using punctuation at the end of sentences. We are going to take this week to review the three different ending punctuation marks. We will work on using them through interactive activities! 
In Science/Health: We are learning how to take care of ourselves through healthy eating, exercising and making good choices.
In Phonics: We are getting our first list of spelling words. We are taking a pre-test tomorrow. If students get certain words correct and I feel they are ready for a challenge then, they'll 'shop' for new words. They'll bring home their spelling lists tomorrow and our tests will be Friday.
Vocabulary: We are reading the book, "Twilight Comes Twice." We are pulling new words out of the text to expand our vocabulary. Each day we will learn and use two new words. Friday, we are taking a quiz over the words. (all together this week) The words will be sent home tomorrow.

Yes... busy, busy week!!! :) 
Lots of learning and fun will be happening this week!

This is our focus wall. This is where learning targets are stated so students know what they're learning each day.

We *might* begin to learn about our reading workshop rotations?! This is a more interactive way to get students engaged in a variety of texts and to allow them to work on different comprehension strategies each day!

You can grab the station cards here!

I hope you have a great week!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Week: Who

I have a hot 40 minutes until I need to go to bed... So, while the hubby watches football, I decided I had a tiny bit of time to link up with Blog Hoppin' tonight for Teacher Week!

Let's begin with the most obvious. Hello, my name is Jessica Hursh! ;) Perfecto!!


If you follow me on instagram, then you are well aware (maybe way too aware) that I just got married! 
My husbands name is Andrew! He works in sales and is a very smooth talker! ;)

This is my dad and I walking down the isle! :)

Here we have my beautiful mother, me, Andrew and his mother Larissa.

I also have a little (big) brother named Hunter. He is the sweetest guy in the world! He just left for college this past weekend...tear!
Don't mind my super tan here... This was at the Miss Ohio Pageant 3 year ago...Yes, I did that... one time and one time only!! You've got to try everything once right?

Here is a picture of me in Miss Ohio! Ohhh boy.... ha ha!


This is Mindy... sister from another mister... FOR REALZZZZ!! ha ha! This is one girl that I can rely on for anything I would ever need. She knows how to just brighten my day... even living in Kentucky! I just love her. We met my sophomore year of college, sat in class next to each other and that was that! She and I instantly bonded and formed a forever friendship!

This adorable lady right here was my Matron of Honor in my wedding. This girl is also like a sister. She lives in Colorado with her hubby now! This girl thinks like me, has duh and wHat? moments like me, loves make-up, fashion and just being silly! She is an AWESOME person!

This gorgeous lady has been my friend since, well, birth!! We were literally born in the same room (3 days apart)... My little toosh was leaving as hers was arriving into this world! She and I are those ladies that are just plain goofy together and will be friends until we are old gray and cranky! 

These are close friends Andrew and I made! These people are so sweet and definitely friends we'd love to keep forever!

So, here are a few things I LOVE! I'm sure you can guess my first one...

Next, I adore my two fur babies!!

I also guess... I am obsessed with the Bengals... just because the hubby forced me into it! ha ha

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me!! Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow! We start school tomorrow! Wish me luck!!