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My first post!

I am beyond excited right now.  About a month ago I was offered a first grade teaching position with an amazing school! It was actually the school I wanted to teach for!  I feel so lucky to have gotten such a great opportunity.  In today's world for an aspiring teacher it seems almost impossible to find a teaching job!! This journey was so extremely stressful for me and I am so happy that I have been blessed with this opportunity! 

Below is my first little activity. I created a model picture of a student who is a good listener.  This student (who does not yet have a name) will have labels so students will know exactly what I expect :) (Pinterest Idea)

Throughout my first year of teaching I will be posting updates as well as fun activities (yours for the taking) that we do within my classroom!! 

Today, I began reading The Daily 5. I am on page 59 right now. I wanted to take a small break to start this blog!!  I am so excited to have my own classroom to implement the Daily 5.  We did this during my student teaching experience but it was not my classroom so it did not feel like 'mine.'  I am constantly on PINTEREST looking up Cafe/Daily 5 activities!  I need to find word work activities that are appropriate for beginning first graders!!  I do want to share something with you that I found on someone else's blog! (  This blog is GREAT and I love all of the ideas!

Stamina freebie

I enjoy keeping track of where students progress and it is so fun for students to see their improvements while building their stamina! I am using this in my classroom! I plan on blowing it up onto a big piece of paper so it can be better viewed by students!!

I will always be posting ideas on my blog!  Keep checking back.  Time to get back to reading the Daily 5--I am writing out a daily lesson for me to follow!!

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