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Trying to get organized!

It is now crunch time and I am feeling the pressure. I have been in my classroom since the 
16th of July trying to get it ready.  I was so excited when I walked into my room to find that the previous teacher who retired left me so much stuff!! I have a ton of books in all subject areas..  I have my everyday math materials and multiple science materials.  I have a ton of bulletin boards (which I love)!  Come to find out though, my room is quite small-- as in the smallest room in the building! But, fine by me! My dream is coming true-- I am finally a first grade teacher and do you know what? I am going to make it work and its going to be the absolute best!  I have rearranged my room about 5 times already trying to find the perfect layout! Which I think I have finally found!  I have been pinteresting like crazy trying to find cute (cheap!) storage ideas!  Here are a few pictures. Of course my Daily 5 and Cafe boards are included!! :)

My first storage idea (thanks to pinterest of course) are small containers for word work activities.  

I meant to order post office boxes that were large enough to make into mailboxes for the students and silly me, I ordered the wrong size! I cannot let these go to waste so I brainstormed up little containers that would be perfect for word activities!

What I did was take a post office box, folded it in half, cut it and then put them together! Wa'lah!

Once the boxes were put together I bought my self some cute duct tape and there it is! Cute containers!!

Here is the start of my classroom library. No lie, I spent about 7 straight hours trying to organize my classroom library. I tried my best to organize books according to topic.  The bins up top are going to be my "animal" bins -- meaning students find their best fit animal bin and choose books from there.  I wanted to do animals rather than numbers. I do not like the idea of students being labeled a "number." I still have to create my labels :)

Here is a glimpse of the start of my Daily 5 board.  I am going to print off small posters that state each Daily 5 and place them under the heading!

I want to add more do my Daily 5 board because it is HUGE-- Need to do some brainstorming!

 Then, drum roll please--Here is the start of my CAFE board! I am so in love with this and it is located right next to my Daily 5 board.  I still need to write comprehension, accuracy, fluency and expanding vocab under each letter but.. Here it is and I am so proud!

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