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Valentines Day Festivities!

My post is a little late... But, as all of you teachers know... the first year of teaching is always the hardest. I find it hard to believe I make some time for blogging! Good thing I like it!!

My first Valentines Day party was somewhat of a success.  When I say somewhat... I mean... I ate too much candy.  The part with the kids and the activities during the party were fantastic! I have such a great room mom who plans activities for the kids to do at each party.  She came up with the cutest idea ever.  Each child got half of a heart.  She wrote a message on the hearts.  Students had to walk around and match their heart to another classmates heart who matched their secret message. It was adorable and they loved it!

Students also came in with the cutest valentine's day cards and boxes! There was one I really wanted a picture of but I completely forgot! Here is my mini-bloggy scrapbook for you to see some of the goodies from the party!

We started our Valentine's Day week off with this story!

This book is so perfect for Valentines day! We completed a sequencing and retelling activity with the book. Students sorted sequencing cards.  I provided differentiated cards so my high leveled students would not get done so quickly! It worked out great!

Sequencing "Olive My Love"

Next, we had a little fun with some silly sentences. These were such a hit with my class! Students rolled their dice with a partner.  They read the pink dice first, then the red and combined their sentence.  Students wrote their sentence and then found the noun, verb and adjective. My room was so loud with laughter! I had a parent helping and we were both just rolling! It is a memory I will forever cherish!  Anyway... this was such a hit that the kids asked me to make them more copies for recess and half of my class was completing the activity at recess!! HA... that's when you know you created a great lesson!

Now, just to share some cutesy things. My presents to the kids and their cute little presents to me! I had to take pictures of them all... I do not want to forget any of this from my first year!  

These are Valentines! One of my little ones brought in a whole box. She created one for each person in the class! They had goodies and cards inside! 

Here are some of my cute gifts from my kiddos! I just love them!
(The chocolate was given to my boyfriend who took it to work.. phew... thank goodness!)


Alright! That is all for me!! If you want any of the Valentine's Day Activities for next year you can go to my Tpt store.  The Olive activity pack is free! Then, the Valentine's Day activity pack is just 2.99!

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