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Symmetry & Stations...& AI, AY

As a new teacher in the wonderful state of Ohio... we new teachers get the privilege to get observed on a bi-weekly basis. I am not even kidding. The past two months I have had observation  conference, observation, another conference, ehh let's through a random walk through in there... and guess what I get tomorrow?.. Another observation and I get pulled out of my classroom again next week to have a conference to talk about my lesson. Do you want to know how I know I get pulled from my classroom too much? My kids are starting to ask, "Ms. Williams why are you always leaving?" I feel so bad... I tell them... "I have to, but I don't want to." Poor little kiddos.

So, I went on that little vent for a reason.  To SHOW you what I will be doing for my observation tomorrow. We are working on SYMMETRY!  I am SO excited for this lesson. You have no idea how long I have been waiting to do symmetry.  I found a lesson on Cara Carroll's blog and well let's just say I am doing a spin off from hers!

First, we are discussing what symmetry is. I created this anchor chart to help introduce the concept to my students. I can't wait for my kiddo's to see it. They love, love, love the cutesy stuff!

After we go over the anchor chart we will then sit in a circle on the floor and I will have my kiddo's make the snowman symmetrical. As we do this we will discuss why he can be symmetrical and discuss other things that can also be symmetrical.

When we are finished with these two things I am going to give students a picture of themselves. But, here is the catch... their face is cut in half.  They are going to draw the other half of their face to show that they are symmetrical.  I am so excited to see these. I took pictures of them today and they are so curious as to WHY I had to take ALL of their pictures!! I can't wait !!!!!

Now, onto this weeks literacy stations... I only have one picture. It is a picture that may help though.  When my kids do stations they are sorting and combining all sorts of cards and other things.  Let's just say that it can be a mess.  Well, today I gave students pocket charts to do the activities with and I must say... not one card on the floor. I can't hang up the pocket charts in my room because my room is literally the size of someones living room... take away half of it ;)... so not kidding right now.  So, I had them rolled up and stored away... then all the sudden this morning it dawned on me... umm... these don't have to be hung up to be used! So, there we go! Now, I just need to go buy more! I only have 2!! Ahh

Now, onto my last thing. Our big focus in reading this week and next is Ay, and Ai digraphs. I created a packet to help with this concept.  Right now we have the Scott Foresman reading series and it does not really offer a lot of hands on, student led opportunities so I have been creating, creating.  here is the pack and a preview of it!

Click on either of the two pictures to get to the link!

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  1. Dang girl! That is a ton of observations!!! You will grow a lot as a teacher though with all of the feed back. Your packet looks awesome!
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  2. I have grown so much this year because of all of these observations. Thanks so much for the feedback! Your blog and products are looking great! My students and I will be doing your Dr. Seuss hat next week! I can't wait!.. Also, technically... you get the pack if you want! Just need your e-mail!