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I am joining the Doodle Bugs Teaching Linky today! 
I have had quite the week and here we go... my 5 random things from my week include:

1. We worked on symmetry this week and I snatched  a great idea from Cara Carroll's blog!

I had an eventful week and I will let you know on #2... why I don't have a picture of the final snowman.

2. On Thursday... let's just say every piece of technology in my room was cursed... and I had an observation.
Gone crazy....
I come in the morning. I e-mailed myself pictures of my students faces to print off at school to complete my symmetry lesson (which I was getting observed over).  Well 18/21 pictures came through. I was missing three.  I brought my camera just in case something like that happened.  So, I go to the office get the plug in for the SD card.  I plug it into my computer and guess what? It doesn't work.  I walk down to a colleagues classroom who just did the same activity the day prior.  She used the same plug in... it didn't work on her computer either. So, at this point I am having a mini-freak out. She said she would work on it because at the point the kids were there.  She has a student teacher... so that's why she could spend time on it. (thank goodness)  So, she is working, working... for an hour. NOTHING... so we go to the assistant principle.  He gives us a different plug in and tries it on his computer. The pictures came up! YAY! But... guess what... all of the pictures on my SD card came up except of the ones of the KIDS! SERIOUSLY?!! I could not believe it.  So, I take his plug in and go down to my lunch to work on it... it works.  I give my computer to my colleague.  She begins printing... she gets 3 pictures printed and my camera shuts off.  My camera BROKE! No joke!  So..... we got another teachers camera...*note* at this point in time I have one hour until my observation.  My colleague re-takes pictures of each of my students while I am teaching a lesson.  She prints them all off and gets it all ready for me. She literally saved my day! I could not believe this!  Note to self... and lesson learned: MAKE SURE it is ready the day before!! Never again will I do that! 

Here is what else broke in my room that day: Smart board pen and my electric pencil sharpener... and ipad internet.  It was quite the day. I went in this morning and everything was working! (except my camera of course) so sad...

Just so you know about my observation... it went really well! Actually amazing!

3. We worked on Ai and AY this week: I made an adorable detective packet which my kids just loved. Sorry, no pictures as of right now :(

4. I began getting ready for Dr. Seuss this week and I found an awesome resource if you have an I-pad!

5. This week I incorporated a new word work activity for when students are done with their first stations.  It is a spelling chain.  When students finish their first station they grab a paper with strips on it and they can write any word that they see in the room.  When they are finished writing their words the create a chain like you see below! This little one over achieved a little :)

6. I have to add a 6th thing to share. We finished up our presidents day unit. I made non-fiction books and a president day packet for my students. (not yet Tpt ready) It will be next year!

I had my little ones dress up as George Washing and/or an interviewer.  Students interviewed "George Washington" to gather information.  Then students wrote facts they learned about him.  They will be putting their finishing touches on their Presidents Day poster on Monday (I am very was canceled this week).

Here there are 2 kids interviewing George... Look closely and you can see their microphones. :)

Here are two kiddos practicing their parts before the big interview!
(notice the interview cute!)

I cannot wait until I have this Presidents Day pack Tpt ready so I can share it with you!


  1. What an ordeal with your camera! I would have been a nervous wreck! I am glad it all worked out! Yay!!! Have a great weekend!
    Ms. Shope's Class

  2. It was quite the ordeal. A day I will never forget!

  3. Welcome to the teacher blogging world friend...I just started my blog back in January and getting ready to do my 100 (will 101 really) follower giveaway. I know it's kinda hard to start getting followers. Keep doing linky parties and giveaways if you have any yet. Let me know if you want to be a part of my giveaway to get your blog out in blog land a little more :)
    ps-do you have another blog? I feel like I have seen your picture before?! Maybe it was another teacher that looked like you!
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  4. Oh my! What a stressful observation day. So glad your friends could help you out. I always procrastinate and this is exactly why I shouldn't wait either!

    Extra Special Teaching

  5. Angela: We had a really big laugh at the end of the day.

    Elizabeth: That is seriously so kind of you to be willing to do that for me. Of course I would love to be included in your 100 follower giveaway. Also, thanks for all of the great advice! I am beginning to somewhat figure out the bloggy world. I remember watching your blog just grow and grow it and must have been so exciting! Also... this blog used to have a different name...I changed the name because the previous one was pretty boring. Let me know what I need to do for your big giveaway!! :)

  6. Loved reading about your week! I too just linked up with the 5 for Friday for the first time actually! Happy to be a new follower!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  7. Thanks Julie! I will be checking out your blog as well! Thanks for becoming a follower!

  8. Julie! I see you teach in Ohio too! Which school do you teach at?

  9. So glad everything worked out (and you had a wonderful observation too!)!!!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten