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Five for Friday!

This is the first time I have linked up with Doodle Bugs for the Five for Friday and have not been excited... I don't want it to be Friday this week! It is my spring break week and I have just been relaxing and doing my own thing all week! It has been so nice!! :)
Fore warning... my week has not been nearly as exciting as it has been the past few...and that's not even saying much. :)
1. I started off my week hanging out with the boyfriend. He took off Monday and Tuesday to hang out with me at the beginning of my spring break! We went shopping and I got 2 dresses, a cute sweater & a waste belt! No pictures. :(
2. I spend this past weekend making all sorts of fun things for us to do when we return to school! We are doing Dinosaur stuff for two weeks!! So crazy but it is going to be so much fun.  I purchased Deanna Jumps Dinosaur unit which is filled with so many ideas! I then went to the library to grab some books about Dinosaurs & began creating Igh/Ie stuff and making a packet so I can work on writing with my first graders!
I am not trying to find some fun way to teach kids about continents.. just something simple. I completed a cute lesson during my student teaching and students created continent puppets & sang a song about the continents. It was so fun! I may do that? on the lookout for a continent pack!!

3. My mom, grandma and I went shopping in Columbus yesterday. Yesterday was the first time I had ever been to Berlington Coat Factory and I love it! I don't love their clothes so much but they have so much jewelry at such great prices! I loaded up!! I also found an adorable mustard yellow purse and beige colored (fake) leather jacket! The jacket was originally $100.00...I got it for...$28.00! I love good deals!
Here are some pictures of the things I got! :)
I found this adorable picture frame for only $5! Sorry for the glare.
4. I almost reached my workout goal of working out everyday of my spring break! I didn't work out on Monday?...I think...or Tuesday? One of the two anyway!
 Today...was a workout I will never forget.
 Yesterday, while shopping my grandma asked me to come with her this morning to go workout...If you read my previous post then you know how much I adore her. So, I said yes. Let me just tell you the name of the work out class..."Sit & Fit." So they sit and get fit! Most of the ladies in the class stood but some sat in these nice comfy chairs. It was so fun. The older ladies were so ornery and naughty! They were saying things like, "Boy, I hope I don't have a heart attack & Ughhhh I might fall dead right now!" ha ha it was hilarious. Then right after this hour long class my grandma wanted to do Pilates! I love Pilates! I go with her and let me tell you... my butt is so sore!! I got a great workout.. During Pilates though there was this older man who kept letting out big farts ha ha... I am the immature one that giggles. He kept saying. "I just can't hold em in!" ha ha...What an adventure it was! I loved every minute of it! Tomorrow morning I am going to try a different workout class called, "Cave Man Training." It sounds like cross fit type stuff. You lift tractor tires and do workouts with pipes! Ahhh!! I am a bit scared but its more my speed rather than Sit & Fit! :)
This is basically what it looked like! Exactly what you see in the movies! :)
Then this is what I will be partaking in tomorrow morning...What a difference!!
5... I am running out of stuff since I basically did nothing interesting this week so I will share an update with you about the Nutribullet. For those of you looking for a boost in energy, the Nutribullet is the way to go! I have been drinking one each day this week and I have felt so good and alive! I am getting a ton of vitamins and eating more fruits & veggies than ever!
This is my favorite mix:
1 cup of vanilla yogurt
1 piece of Kale
1 small handful of almonds
1 Tbsp. of Chia Seeds
1 Tbsp. of Flax Seeds
This seriously takes like a desert. I was so afraid to try the Kale but I actually couldn't even taste it! Trust me when I say that too... I am literally the pickiest person alive and I was trying to taste it but couldn't!
Well that's it for me this week...Also, can I just say that I feel like my blog is becoming a mixture between a teaching blog/health & fitness blog? hm.... I kind of like it! I may need a new bloggy I found another blog whose name is the same as mine.. :( So... I may need to change it anyway. Any ideas?
Have a great weekend!
Check back tomorrow for my visual plans for next week!!


  1. The nutribullet sounds good! You are so cute to go with your grandma!

    1. It is amazing! You should definitely try it out!

  2. HI! I'm here from Sara's giveaway. I'm happy to have a fellow first grade teacher to follow!

    Adventures in First with Mrs. Key

  3. Love that you worked out with your grandma! So cute! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten