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We're Goin' Dino Crazy!

I recently purchased Deanna Jump's dinosaur unit! She has a lot of great ideas in there and I have just taken off in all other content areas to create Dino themed lessons for my kids! I am on spring break and it may seem like I am working to you... but to me this is fun... my hobby!!
When we get back we are going to be working on IGH, IE*
I made this oooober cute unit for it! I am so excited!

Then, I need to really work on writing with my kids. Specifically, adding descriptions and narrative writing. I need to throw prepositions in there too!
So....... I made a Dino Writing unit for that too! I am mostly excited about this because I have whole group lessons in this unit and station activities to reinforce concepts! The kids are going to be moving around and I know this is going to help improve their writing skills! Can you tell I am excited or what?!
 Here is a sneak peek!!

If you are doing any Dino stuff anytime soon then take a peek at these!
Here is a freebie for you from the expanding sentences unit!
It is just simple... but it is free!! :)


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