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SNOW Day & Freebie

Today is a teacher's all time favorite day! It is an unexpected snow day.. or should I say ice day? I get a glorious phone call this morning around 5:55 that we are on a two hour delay? I think to myself... why? But, I will of course gladly take it.  So, I turn on the television to check the weather channel.  It says its raining ice... I think to myself... they better cancel school because last time this happened school was canceled and who got in a car wreck? That's right... this girl right here. I got another glorious phone call at 7:30 that said we are canceled.

It is now 11:30 and I am still sitting in my jammies on the couch... hanging out with my puppies...

Don't worry though I am not sitting here vegging in front of the TV. I am working on some spring activities!!!  I am loving my cover!!

I am trying to create a list of concepts to include in this packet .
I need to hit writing hard in these last two months of school so that will be a huge part of this pack!
Also, I love the book the tiny seed and I already have a glorious sequencing activity and power point that will be in the pack!
I am trying to think of/find another great springy children's book to use for another book study... hmmm... I think I may hit the library today if the ice decides to melt.
Stay tuned! My goal is to finish this pack by next Sunday. (next week is my spring break so I will need something productive to do with my time so I don't drive myself crazy staring at the wall ha ha!)
So, the whole point of this post was not to just tell you what I am working up but to provide you with a teeny tiny freebie.  This is just the idea stage of my pack but I am pretty sure it will stick in here!
Here are some writing prompt cards and a writing prompt paper for your enjoyment!!
Click below to grab it!


  1. Happy snow day! We have 24+ inches of snow headed our way tonight and into tomorrow. At this rate I'm thinking Spring will never arrive. :) Thanks for the freebie!

    The Cozy Classroom

  2. Welcome! I decided to do a math station pack too! I am going to finish that one first.. I am not feeling the library today! I hope you don't get snowed in that much! That is just insane!!