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I got a huge wrench into my week!

So, before I go onto my wrench that has gotten thrown into my plans we will do this fun bucket list that I found! I am linking up with Brigid's Daily Lesson Log for this!!
I have all kinds of things I want to accomplish in my 1 week off!
1. Finish my Spring Math Centers Pack
2. Create and finish my Book Study Pack (I found 2 books to use) :)
3. Clean my deep clean and scrub
4. Spend time with my boyfriend who took Monday and Tuesday off to spend with me. :)
5. Get engaged... ha ha just kidding .. but really.... :)
6. Work out Saturday-Sunday... and by that I mean 8 days in a row! (we will see)
7. Veg out in front of the TV for an entire day and let my body and mind rest!!
Now onto my poor little week...
This is going to be a short post but I just need to vent/complain to fellow educators who understand my frustration....We had an snow day yesterday and I was so happy. I did miss my observation though so I had to make it up today.  Well I made it up this morning during my reading block...and let's just say the rest of the day was spent outside of the school going over safety procedures and watching a play. Then we come back from that and it is recess then snack. At this point there is 25 minutes left in the day...So.. not enough time for me to introduce new stations...we do a quick writing lesson and then boom time to go home. So far my kids have not had any reading in this week..grandparents day is Friday I will not be using that day as catch up. Technically I have two "regular" days of teaching?.. I want to get my literacy centers in because I NEED to do my small group. So, tomorrow we are doing two rounds, same on Thursday and one round on Friday... That takes up my whole reading block except for a little bit of time.

I had the cutest reading lessons planed for my kiddos this week and I am so bummed that I can't fit them in. Today during recess I just decided... ex-nay the book lessons and do them the week after spring break... and lets do some crafts to decorate my teeny room for spring! So, here I am now searching for something quick & easy for the kids to create! I found two cute freebies and I wanted to vent a little so I could share them with you!

If you want either of these crafts just click on the picture and it will take you to it!

Tomorrow we will be making these cute chicks...I want to come up with a quick writing to go with this. I am thinking, "What is the first thing you would do if you just hatched from an egg?"  This prompt is not yet for sure...

Then Thursday morning I am going to have the kiddo's complete this craft.

I may have them do a little blurb, "If I were a bunny..."

There we are! Sorry about my rant but I am just so bummed that I can't get my cute reading lessons in. Guess it will wait till the week after SB!! (YAY...3 more days) 
Are you jelly???!!


  1. So jealous!!! We still have a week and a half to go!

    I hear ya on the plans. We had a snow day last week, a half day for parent/ teacher conferences, and were sent home early today because of a storm. It's nice to not have to lesson plan, but frustrating to not be able to finish any of my plans!!

  2. I hate it when my week gets all messed up and I can't get in the stuff I need to. It seems to happen way too often. Those crafts are adorable! I am hoping for a day to veg out as well over break....we will see! It usually never happens. Ha!

    I found you through a comment on my friend Elizabeth's blog. I am your newest follower. Cute blog! :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

    1. ha ha probably won't happen. I think I would honestly get too stir crazy! I am so happy that your my newest follower!! :)

  3. Yay! Glad Amanda found you. She's awesome! I had the same feeling on Monday. Tornado drill first thing in the morning for 20 minutes and the leprechaun came and had a little fun in our room so my day was a waste after that! I tell my kids all the time we gotta work on being flexible and when that kind of stuff happens and they know I'm frustrated I have to tell myself the same thing! Hope your week is going better :)
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

    1. I tell mine the same thing! We just have to go with the flow and work hard! I am glad she found me too!!

  4. Hey friend! Gave you a shout-out today! Love your blog and glad I found ya :)