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*Dinosaur Week & Five For Friday*

This week was all about the Dinosaurs!! Students had so much fun this week with different writing activities and our two mini-research projects! We did a ton of poetry and dances too!

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1. I attended Dr. Jean's conference on Wednesday this week and learned SO MUCH! I learned the ever so popular TooTeeTa song! I hope you have heard of it! If you haven't here is a video for you to teach your kids! I had my kids do it this week when I had to pull something up quick on the smart board. It is a fun time filler and helps them get out their wiggles!!
The other great thing that I learned that is fun to use is this attention grabber!
"Tootsie Roll, Lollie Pop, We've been talking, Now we stop."
-Movements: Rolls arms, lick thumb (lollie), talking hands, cut symbol with hands-
I have another post where I posted pictures of ideas from her as well!
2 & 3. This week my kids learned about prepositions and all I have to say is that you have to do this activity! I hid dinosaur bones throughout my room and students had to find four of them that were located in four different places and write a sentence with a noun, preposition then noun. There was a catch though... they were not aloud to use 'on.' They had to think of other prepositions to use! They were so engaged and had so much fun!

When I first taught prepositions I used a student and put a dinosaur bone in different places around him. They had a ball and there were tons of laughs! I like to make things silly! :)
After that I pulled out 'Tuffy the T-rex' who we also used for describing.
Students cut and glued small pictures around him and came up with sentences using prepositions.

4. This week we read a variety of books about dinosaurs with a focus on T-rex and Triceratops. Students brought in books from home to add to the dinosaur collection I brought in from the library!
 The students and I filled out bubble maps of facts and then students gathered up their favorite facts and did an informational writing. They did such a great job. Here they are! :)

5. To end our Dinosaur unit the students were 'paleontologists!' They used tools to dig chocolate chips out of the cookies. They worked so hard that they were all covered in cookie crumbs! After the activity we talked about how messy paleontologists must be when they are finished! Before we did the dig activity we watched the fossils video on It is a great way to get discussion going!

Alright! Off to enjoy my weekend! I have a friends wedding to go to and family coming down from Wisconsin! I will be blogging soon! I have a poem for earth day! So, be looking out for that...
It is called, TRASH BUSTERS!
Can you guess the tune it goes to?...
I will try to have it up Sunday night!


  1. I love the cookie dig - and the revelations that it brought about! I have seen Dr. Jean too - she is amazing! So glad I found your blog though FfF!

  2. Your dinos are adorable! Enjoy your weekend!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  3. LOVE the Tooty Ta! I ♥ Dr. Jean!
    Polka Dot Kinders

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  5. My kids call Mrs. Tooty Ta! Is that a bad thing? Ha ha! Tooty ta has to be one of our favorite get-the-wiggles-out songs! Dr. Jean is wonderful!

  6. I heart Dr. Jean! I haven't been to one of her workshops in a while. She is energetic!
    Learning With Mrs. Brinn

  7. What I cute blog! I love your dinosaurs. I've been using the tootsie roll, lollipop saying all year, but didn't know the motions! Can't wait to teach them to my kiddos!

    I'm you're newest follower!
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