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Peek At My Week!

This week in my classroom it is all about Earth Day! Reducing, recycling and reusing are big health standards at our school so I wanted to get a jump start on it! I bought great products to use for this week so you will have to jump over to take a look at them! I like to create my own things but last week was so busy for me that there was no way I was going to get anything done.
Here are the products I am using this week!
Can you tell I went on a Tpt shopping spree?

I do not have my literacy centers in my plans yet. They are all set up at school and I am drawing a blank with what stations are where... I will upload those tomorrow!
Any who here are this weeks plans!! Click on them to get a better look!
A freebie is below!

I am using this when teaching double digit addition. Students will solve the problem using base ten blocks. They will write their answer and then under the flip they will draw the base ten blocks they used to get their answer.
I also found this idea on pinterest. I am going to use a shower curtain for this. I am going to draw circles with numbers on them (using dry erase marker so I can change them). Then I will be giving the kiddos a bean bag to throw onto a number: record and then add it together. I have yet to make the recording form. That won't take too long! Stay tuned because I will probably post it on here for free! I do not have time right now to be making full units. :( problems of a first year teacher!
Thanks to Dee Dee for the linky party!
Have a great week with your kids! Chat with you soon!



  1. I love that shower curtain idea! :) Katie's Busy Teacher files are fun too! :) Looks like you're all about Earth Day this week! :) We are doing force and motion! :) I'm in first too! :) I'm glad that I found you! :) It's always fun to see what other first grade teachers are doing! ;)


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  2. The pinterest game looks like a lot of fun! Your students are going to love that!
    Conversations in Literacy