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BlogLovin' Giveaway and a FREEBIE!

Happy Wednesday bloggy friends! Bloglovin' has literally taken over the blog world this past week! We are all doing everything we can to prepare for the switch and to make sure you are still following us when we make the switch!
**None of my follower have carried over so be sure to click above to follow me**
To prepare and for the big switch I am linking up with Collaboration Cuties for the Bloglovin' giveaway!! There are a ton of blogs linking up so definitely check out and follow everyone's blogs! The more blogs you follow the more freebies * ideas you get!! (That's how I look at it anyway!!) ;)
I will choose TWO winners and they two winners get to choose any TWO items from my store!
 Can you tell that my favorite number is 2?! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Now, just because I love my followers & you for following my on Bloglovin' I want to offer you a freebie from my store! :)
Click on the picture below for a station from my Sizzling into Summer hands on literacy stations!
Happy Lovin'!

Be sure to link up your blog & giveaway!


  1. I'm just getting used to Bloglovin'. I think I'll like it.

  2. I don't know. I have just started using it.

  3. I think I can organize my blogs I follow better.


  4. Thank you very much for the freebie.

  5. I love it. I think I can follow the blogs better and now I know which ones I follow to keep track of them better.

    Melissa Mize
    Creations by Mrs. Mouse

  6. Thank you so much for the freebie! I'm your newest follower :)

    teaching, life, and everything in between

  7. I think in the long run it will be good. But I also just realized how many blogs I follow and now I'm feeling overwhelmed, wondering how I'm going to keep up with all of them!

  8. I think it'll be fine - just take some gettin' used to..... :o)


  9. I honestly have no idea what I think. I didn't use Google Reader before, but look forward to trying Bloglovin', especially if I am lucky enough to win something from the hours I have spent entering the fabulous give aways:-)

  10. I like that I can find all of my blogs in one place. And I follow A LOT of blogs! :) Thanx for participating in this giveaway! It is nice to find new blogs to follow here.