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Owl Themed Classroom!

I am going strong right now creating OWL stuff for my classroom this upcoming year! I am obviously going to be putting it on Tpt to share! I am so excited about it because I just love those cute owls and well let's just say last year I tried an ocean theme and it was an epic fail! I had random fish around my room and that was it! ahh... wasn't quite sure how to make a theme 'happen.' Now, with year 1 under my belt I know what I NEED to make my room function perfectly (I hope ;) and smoothly!

I got some great owl clipart and began last night on etsy to make a word wall kit. I made a kit but I decided to make another kit too. I have two different word wall kits that are owl themed! Here is the one that is done!!

This is up on Tpt if you're doing an owl theme too!

The next word wall kit looks something like this. Same stuff just different colors and instead of banners for "Word Wall," I am doing circles. This is the one I am putting up in my room! I am also making binder covers & welcome signs. I have Soooo much MORE that I am going to create! I need a lot of stuff that I didn't have last year!! The stuff below is not yet available... this is just a previous of what is to come! :)
Stay tuned for more owl stuff!
Now... I am off to get ready to head into my room! I am beginning to change rooms today! I need to organize my files... and stations!
Don't forget to link up too if you have something to share!
Have a great Thursday!

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