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Five for Friday: June 7!

This week has been relaxing, exciting & very emotional for me....
Thanks to Doodle Bugs for the linky!!
1. I began moving into my NEW classroom this week and it has been so much hard work and I am so excited! Can I just say that I have was not organized during my first year of teaching! Trying to keep up with everything this past year was just crazy for me.... let alone filing all of my stuff just perfectly. I literally had a file folder that said, "Writing" and my writing stuff was put in matter the season. I need help organizing! I would like to organize files and stations by week this summer to prepare better for this coming year... we will see!!
I have started making notebook covers and buying white notebooks to help me with all this which leads me to my number 2...
2. I decided on a classroom theme which you may already know if you have been reading my blog this past week. I am doing OWLS! I am so excited because the clipart I bought to create my classroom décor is so darn cute! Take a lookie! :) I am using the yellow type stuff for my room!! I am also creating stuff for some family members too which you will see below. They are the word wall letters and banners... and borders! :)
Click on the pic below to check these ones out on tpt. The ones above are not yet available!

3. More owl stuff... I found a cute poem that I will be using when I get back to school too.
 I have pinned a ton of stuff on pinterest. If you are thinking about an owl theme click on the pic. below to go to my pin board with all this stuff.!
This is what I want outside of my door for meet the teacher night!
4. Next, I have been thinking about improving on my guided reading groups for next year. I did it this year but with it being my first year of teaching I was honestly kind of lost and I need to develop a lot more in this area! I was reading Mrs. Will's K blog and I am thinking about purchasing a book for some professional reading this summer.
Have you read this one before or have any other input about guided reading?
I also found something I would love to use at my table if I get one... :) I asked for one so we will see.....
A teacher here uses vinyl mats that the students can write on! So much easier than getting out the white boards all the time!
5. My last update for my 5 is that my boyfriend's grandmother passed this week and I actually just got home from her viewing. She was an amazing grandmother to him & lived quite the life. She is from Ukraine and lived through all of the history we all here about from long ago in Russia... I believe we all know what I am talking about...! She ended up in good ol' Ohio by marrying my boyfriend's grandfather who is just the nicest person. Right now is definitely emotional right now... It is very hard to see him and his whole family so heart broke. Rest In Peace Helene.
Have a great weekend!! :)


  1. I've always loved owls. I've considered doing them once or twice but always find something else. The first year of teaching, it's hard to stay organized. I'm going into my fourth year and I'm still finding new ways to organize things! Good luck!
    - Pam
    Moments to Teach

  2. Hi Jessica! This past year was my first year teaching as well. (Well round 2, I taught for 2.5 years, but then stayed home with my family for 11 years!) I was not very organized either and have told myself that will be one area I will concentrate on. I also switched grades, so I'm moving hallways too. Talk about a pain, but I'm really excited about my new opportunities.

    Love our post at the bottom. Sending prayers to you and your boyfriends' family. Have a wonderful summer and a fabulous year next year.

    Fun In 5th

  3. Love the owl decor! Just found you today through the Five for Friday and am a new follower! Good luck getting your guided reading table... :0)

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  4. I adore that quote about the stars. Also, that owl poem is hilarious and I need that table! I've been teaching for 30 years and will tell you that what you lack in organization you have in enthusiasm and that is way, way more important! Very cute post!