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Craft and Something Amazing...

Today turned out to be an 'unplanned' busy day. I was called early this morning and there was a scheduling error with my dogs grooming appointment. Boy, they're lucky I'm a teacher and that I don't have to work summers! :) So, I took my doggies unto the groomers today and then that led to a workout & a trip to hobby lobby!
Here is a picture of my Bella girl and buddy with their new hair cuts!
They're a bit tired!
 Bella Girl*
During their grooming appointment this is what I got at Hobby Lobby! I am going to do a craft here in a bit! I want to make cute behavior clips for my owl clip chart and cute clips for a brag board in my classroom room. I am going to paint the clips bright yellow and cut out chevron circles and write the kids names on them! I am so excited! :) I will post the result tomorrow!
I want to make something similar to this... I want the clothes pin to be bellow and chevron circles on it... I want to find cute owls to maybe put in the center!
I have been stalking Amy Lemons blog post about her new classroom décor and I decided to also go out and buy some fabric today at hobby lobby! This will be going on bulletin boards. It is going to go perfect with the colors I am using for my owl décor! I can't wait! I am going Thursday to a quilt shop with no one other than my wonderful grandma to buy owl themed material. I will be sewing owl pencil pouches for my kids to keep their pencils in! It is a pencil management idea that I found! I will explain it more when I post the pouches!

Weekend Update*
As many of you know my boyfriends grandmother passed last week. We had the viewing on Friday and the funeral on Saturday. It was such a touching experience and it made me love Andrew's (boyfriend) family even more than I already did.. which is a lot. We have been together for 6 1/2 years and I feel like a part of the family even though we are not (yet) married.
So, what I wanted to share with you was this heart... in the sky.
This heart in the sky appeared right after the end of her funeral when she was laid down to rest. Andrew noticed it of course (he is so observant). It was definitely her telling everyone that they were loved.
After the service we went and ate lunch & then had some fun just like she would like. They boys were boys...:)
Andrew's cousins were doing the plank on the teeter totter... we laughed so hard! Let's just say that there are tons of pictures here!
 Here is Andrew on the spinny thing as I call it. :) He is so much fun!

Have a fantastic Monday & thank you for reading! I have never expressed how much I love my followers. :)
 I just love blogging and sharing everything with you all!!!
Here is a freebie for you from my Ready, Set, Go* Just click on the words! :)


  1. Those clips are adorable! The picture of the heart in the sky was so overwhelmingly sweet; she was definitely was looking over her loved ones. :)
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  2. I think the clip will be absolutely adorable with the chevron and owls. That is a great idea. I am your newest follower.


  3. I agree - those will make excellent clips.

    I think it's really neat that you got to see that heart in the sky and captured it on film. Good timing!

    - Pam
    Moments to Teach