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Cute and Easy Behavior Clips!

Today, I made another trip to town to get myself a glue gun and some fabric to make cute behavior clips for this upcoming year! I am so excited with how they turned out! I am linking this post up with 4th grade frolics! I linked up with them yesterday and realized that I didn't really make anything so I deleted it & I am linking up separately!
I bought the flower pot décor stuff from Wal-Mart and painted numbers on each of them.

This marker is the one I got to paint on the numbers and it worked great!!

Then, I cut out two small green circles. I just used regular green cotton fabric. I put hot glue in the center.
After I put hot glue in the center I folded it in half. If you do this make sure you DO NOT fold the circles evenly. It creates dimension for the final product. Glue two of the folded pieces on top of one another.

After I glued the fabric on top of one another. I used chevron scrap book paper and cut a circle. They're uneven circles. I didn't bother with making them even. I like them to have their own little personality! I then glued on the marble and walah!
 Here is the behavior clip! Each child will be assigned a number and this will be on my clip chart! :P They're so cute!
For the green chevron look all I did was cut small strips of scrapbooking paper and hot glued it onto a clothes pin. I glued the big part with hot glue and then just took some orange ribbon and tied it close to the end! It isn't to heavy and it was so easy!

Next week be on the look out for pencil pouches! I am heading to the quilt store on Thursday!

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