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Ten Pin Linky!

I have been seeing this linky party for the past few days now and I have finally worked up the motivation to put this post together! I love pinterest and I am so excited to show you my favorite things!! Thanks to Just Reed for the linky!

1. The first pin is a recent one that I found and it is called, Slap & Go! Each week two sight words are written on two hands and before students enter (or leave) the classroom they slap the hands and read the sight words. I am thinking about doing two hands and two feet so students can practice four sight words a week! I think the kids will love this!

2. The next pin that I found a while ago was this ones below. I just want to do this for back to school week! How fun would this be?!!
3. My next pin is ear bud storage. This year each one of my students will be assigned their own I-pad and of course will have their own ear buds. I would like to set up something like this to keep them organized and keep everyone's ear gook in one place. ewww!
4. My next pin is an awesome management idea that I forgot to use this year! Editing student writing is a great one-on-one learning opportunity for them but it is so distracting when a line of 15 other students are standing their waiting for you to edit their paper too. So... SOLUTION! :)
Students who are ready to have their papers edited pin a clothes pin on a board beside you instead of waiting in line.
5. Next pin is an anchor chart that I used this year to teach verbs. I attempted to make one that looks the same! I just love it!
6. The next pin is so much fun to do! All you have to do is write numbers on a twister mat! Students throw a bean bag onto the twister mat and come up with an addition/subtraction problem to the sum that is written on the twister mat! So much fun and great math practice!
7. Next, is a way to organize math games. My district does Everyday Math and we are constantly teaching kids games to play to reinforce concepts. I would love to organize the games like this so they are available for the kids to play during free time or math center time. I will be doing this! :)

8. This year I am doing an owl theme and I moved to a new classroom that has a HUGE whiteboard and three big black metal cabinets... So, I saw this pin the other day where the behavior 'clip' chart is actually a 'magnet' chart. I am going to use the clipart I bought to make my own... but I love the idea!
9. I will also have a table for guided reading. It is not a kidney one but I am using my desk as my meeting area as well to meet with my students. I am going to be getting vinyl mats so students and I can write down things that come up during a guided reading lesson. It will be so much easier to pull out the dry erase marker than to pull out paper and pencil to learn to connect sounds or comprehend a story!
10. My last pin and one that I am so happy to have found was this one! A magnetic word wall! Um... genius! I am in the process of making cute word wall cards to match my colors in my room & my word wall will be up on my massive white board! I love this idea because students can simply pull a word off of the word wall if they need to know how to spell it during their writing. It will be so easy to make my word wall useful & interactive!

Here is one last final one that just explains us all! :)

Thanks for viewing my favorite pins! I hope you got some great ideas for your new up and coming school year!



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