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A LONG list of ramblings for ya!!

So.. Are you ready for some randomness because here it comes!
This is basically a scrapbook page... get readyyyy!!!
I feel like such a pointless blogger this summer because nothing in my life is really that organized so here are my ramblings...
Thanks to Fabulous In First Grade for the fun linky!

We will begin with last week on... Wednesday I believe. The boy took three days off work to spend some time and his 28th birthday with me! We did all kinds of relaxing with our puppies!
During our relaxing time I was of course taking full advantage of all of the fab. deals on Tpt! I bought so much stuff... it is literally unbelievable how much I bought... I just couldn't resist all of the great stuff! I can't share it all now... but I will at a later date!
 I was printing, laminating and cutting non-stop! Here, I have Dee Dee Will's writing bundle for writing workshop! I took the plunge and bought it for the whole year! I love the idea of vocab cards for the kids to refer to while their writing.

I even set up the board for August and September! I haven't copied the papers for the kids yet due to the fact that we don't yet have paper... not to mention I can't make a copy without the copier jamming! Ugh.. teacher problems!! :)

Of course I can't just do one thing when I am in the classroom so I worked on other boards, and TRYING to organize my stations!
Are there any suggestion on how to do this with very minimal space? I am thinking cardboard book bins and labeling them? How do you do it?

Here is my attempt at organizing...

I don't believe this will work...
and it looks SO messy! ha!
I also took another plunge and bought the Guided Math kit from Lesson Plan SOS! I love this and can't wait to begin teaching math in a new way!!
I made some yummy birthday cake this week for Andrew's birthday! Funfetti!!

We also went to a fourth of July cookout and I had to bring a side dish...
I can't cook... So, I kind of freaked out. I search on pinterest for an easy recipe and I found this Apricot Gorgonzola Cheese Dip! I only messed up once!! Yay...! ha


Here we are heading off to the cookout!


 Last but not least... we are packing up and moving to a super duper small town! His job was to work and my job was to take pictures! :) Just kidding!! I helped... a little!

Here is some of our packing we have done so far... We still have three weeks until moving day but we are both super busy until then!

Well, that's a wrap everyone! Thank you for viewing my online scrapbook! This is what happens when I don't link up for the Five for Friday! Bahh!! :)


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