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Who loves clothes?!!??!!

This is going to a quicky little post! I just have to share this blog with you. It is completely non-teaching related but Oh Meee Oh Myy... it is a great read and I know a lot of us love the cute clothes with bright colors and beautiful patterns... well, this blog includes everything we love! (minus the teaching part).

It is called... Living in Yellow.
She is doing something that just knocks my socks off (yep blogger talk is rubbing off on me)... she is connected with a boutique called, "Miss Chic" and basically what she is doing is choosing one piece of attire and one accessory for us (the public/readers) to purchase for $42.00. The catch for getting the great deal is that we don't know what she is picking out for us! We won't know until it shows up at our door step! I thought it sounded weird too... like your probably thinking right now. But, look at her style and you will have the utmost confidence that she will have  AWESOME attire delivered to your home!
Here are a few that she did earlier...
Click the picture to see more!
(I hope she doesn't mind that I'm bragging)
This month the clothing theme is "polka dots."
Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you! I was almost a fashion major so clothes are another obsession of mine!!
Place your order for her clothes before Friday!
I am right now!! Eeeee!! :)
You should probably just follower her too because her posts are amazing!
 LOVE reading them!



    end of story :)

  2. I considered trying "Living in Yellow" out, and now I think you've got me convinced. Might be kind of fun! Glad I found your teacher/fitness/whatever blog! It's my kind of stuff :)
    Erin @

    1. It's my kind of stuff too! I kind of blog about everything so I thought?... why not? Let me know when you get your stuff! I'm excited too!