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Reading Response Take Home Kit!

Last year I never sent home my classroom library books with my students and it was honestly because I didn't know how to organize that and how to make it purposeful. I wanted a way to send home a book, keep track of it, involve the parents and meet with my students in conferences and... most importantly make it purposeful and not like another boring homework assignment! Well, a few nights ago it suddenly dawned on me! I covered an entire notebook page with ideas for a Reading Response Take Home Kit and now it is here and in my opinion my best prepared unit yet! (this is because I am posting about it before it is even on Tpt... it will be any second now)

So, here it is!
I provided this cute cover in the packet. I laminated it so I could re-use it each year.
The cover includes the child's name, teacher name and the conference day so parents never forget! ;)
In the kit I also included a book log. The teacher fills this out and writes notes if need be. A column for the level of book is also there to keep track of growth. A parent letter is provided explaining everything they need to know.
I also think it is important for parents to have a say in their child's progress so I created and laminated the "Parent Progress Report." Each time their child reads their book they can check a box with a dry erase marker that can be kept in their bag and send it back. It's an easy way to keep communication.
There is also a mini-book for parents to use if they want to add any additional comments.
Super easy to put together!

 In the kit there are 24 reading response concepts for students to take home.
At the top of each reading response page there is a small description to explain to parents what they need to help their child do.
At the bottom of each line there is a parent signature line to confirm that the parents were present when the reading response was completed (for those little sneakers) :)
The next thing the kids keep in their bag is a concept checklist. When you meet with the students individually you will check (or date) the concept they will be working on. This helps you keep track of the frequent practice of each concept and to identify which ones need more emphasis.
I also provided some extra things in here like a conference template for Mon-Fri.
There is cute ones that you can hang on your wall or there is just one you can keep in a binder.
Here are the 24 concepts that are covered.
Beginning, middle, end
story elements
main idea and details
favorite part
main character
my opinion
visualize the story
create a new ending
a funny part
hunting for punctuation
asking and answering questions
making connections to self
making connections to text
predicting events
cause and effect
is it fiction or non-fiction
finding facts
sequencing events
compare and contrast
topic and categories
problem and solution
character and setting
Authors purpose
If you are interested in this then please take a look at it! I am so excited to use this & I hope it helps you in your classroom too!
Click here to check it out!
I have discounted it $1.00 for the next 24 hours!


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