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My Classroom!!!

I always love getting a peak into other teachers classrooms and I am so excited to share mine with you! I have a teeny classroom but it is MUCH bigger than what I had last year so NO complaining going on here!! :) Now, to start the show!! ;)

My pictures are from meet the teacher night so just so you know... I don't always have balloons! :)
This is the view from the hallway and the kiddos lockers!

Here is the kid's welcome/informational packet! I want to post this packet on my blog for you to browse through !!.. but, I still need to take kids names off so keep an eye on a different post.
I filled their green bags with a special 'gift' and candy. The balloons made it easy for the kids to find their seats & was so cute. All I did was put tape on the table and placed the balloons on top of the tape and wala! It stayed!!
Here is a view of the desk!
The view from a corner of the room.
The view from the door.
Student book bins! Owl themed numbers are from my owl décor kit in my tpt store... along with the rest of the owl stuff you will see! :)
Click on the picture to check out the décor pack!
Months and Days of the week! Love!
Classroom rules! I think I've got everything covered!!
Number anchor charts! I put these close to the ground so students can access them easily during math workshop time.
The magnetic word wall! I used fry's first 100 words.
If you want these words click on the picture!
My behavior chart. Notice there is no pink! I am really bad at moving kids up so I took pink out this year and we will be having 'purple Fridays!' The only day kids can get on purple is Friday (keep em' focused)!! I will be able to manage this much better! Beside are coupons students buy with 'owls' that they earn through moving up. When students are on blue they earn one 'owl' buck and purple they earn two. They can 'purchase' classroom privileges with their owl bucks!
You can get the clip chart & coupons from my tpt store. Just click on the picture.
This is another behavior management 'thing' that I use in my room. Each week I place one picture in the owl's belly and the students only see the back of the picture so they don't know 'who the mystery person is.' If the mystery person did not get on yellow or below for the week then they get a prize! If they did then I tell students that the mystery person have been on yellow & they cannot be revealed. The class goes crazy of this! They love it! (I reveal the mystery person every Friday)
This is my stations and buddy reading board. I do assign partners for read to parter or (buddy reading) because I can't stand it when little ones are left out and feeling sad so I take the drama right on out.
The big blank squares will have students pictures and those students are in a group. We have 30 minutes for literacy stations so the students in the group will go to the station (the first card) then when they are finished they go to the next station (the second card). The students have to complete their first station before they can move onto the next one. The next day I rotate the cards and students have 2 new stations to complete for the day. During this time I am pulling students or working with students are a particular station. I take many of my stations for a grade because they are on concepts I have already taught them.
These are the station cards. I got some of them from a free daily 5 packet on Tpt and then the rest I added my owl melonheadz kids to customize my stations since I do more content based stations. I can't share the ones I made with you because I used someone else's template. Sorry. :( I can't find the packet either that I got all of this from. If anyone knows please let me know!
This is my guided reading groups board. I will use student pictures again! From Lesson Plan SOS!
Click to check out!
This is my writing station! I love it because I only have to change it 1x a month! It is from Deedee Wills!!
Click on the picture to get it!
This is my math workshop rotation board! I can't wait to start this! This is from Lesson Plan SOS!
Click on the picture and it'll take you to where you can get this!

 These are my I can statements! I thought of a super easy way to switch these out! You need a gallon sized bag. Cut off the zipper part. Put colored construction paper inside (tape it so it stays). Tape the bag to the board/wall. Then, slide in your statements each time! SO easy to do! I love quick and easy!

Alrighty! That is enough for right now! I didn't take a picture of my meeting area for you because I am waiting on my kidney table to arrive!!! YAYYY!!!!
Now, join in on the fun and link up with flying high in first grade to show off your room!
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  1. Your classroom looks great! Love the bright kids tables!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  2. I love how your room is so fun but yet still organized favorite one I've seen so far :)
    I start school next week to get my certification to teach and I plan on teaching first grade...woo!

  3. Love your room!! Where did you get your different colored tables?

    1. I'm not sure! The school ordered them!! Good luck!