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First Day & My Visual Plans!

WHEW!! Today was a rough one... but I LOVE all of my new little sweeties! I have a few characters in my classroom this year and already had three little boogers on yellow!! Hopefully this strict thing works out for me this year! Last year I was WAY TOO easy on the kids so this year I am going to try to be more consistent with the behavior plan and hopefully it works out for me! I don't want you all to think I am a big meanie and on the first day of school I moved 3 kids to yellow just because! One was climbing on the bathroom stalls, one just wouldn't stop talking ha ha and another one carried his i-pad on his head after I JUST went over the rules. I know he was just testing me! So, there are my mini-stories from today and I am sure I will have more to share!

The boyfriend (ahem... fiancé soon?) took a picture of me this morning... starting to become kind of a tradition! :)... in my whole 2 years of teaching! ha ha
In case you want to know where I got my clothes: shirt is from Rue 21 (only 21 bucks!), pants from banana republic and jacket from forever 21. Oh, shoes from aldo!
KKKKK and now something cute from today! I began the first lesson in Unit 1 of the writing through the year from Deanna Jump and Dee Dee Wills and this was the result! :)
This is me writing here but I had my kids help me with all of the spelling. I think they did pretty well. The dogs labeled have names... Duke and Bella not BLA he he.
Then the second sentence says Bella likes to play fetch. We were really trying to recognize our sounds here! The kids had such cute little writings today too! I will have to take pictures of them and post them later in the week!
Andd dun, dun dunnnn... here are my plans for the week! My goal this year: STAY ON SCHEDULE! Am I the only one that has a problem with this?... :) I did good today!!
Click on the pictures to go to my plans!

Head on over to Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to see more visual plans!


  1. Love your outfit! Congrats on surviving the first couple of days :)
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  2. Hi I just came across your blog and started following you! My name is Nancy and I haven't found a job yet but can't wait to teach. At the same time I'm nervous and scared of my first year ;(. Is there any tips you can give me since you survived you're first year of teaching :)

  3. Honestly, it is very tough during your first year teaching. I didn't realize how tough it really was until I began my second year (this year). When you do get a job just do your best and you will have a lot of trial and errors. Don't be afraid to try new things and don't worry about what other teachers are doing in their classroom. Always do what works best for you in your own classroom... Try to be organized... its so hard your first year because you don't know what you will be organizing. You need lots of 3 ring binders, keep all parent notes... oh boy there is a long list. Let me know if you have any questions ever! I would love to help!

  4. OMGOSH Thanks so much Jessica! I've been reading all your post to prepare myself. I feel like I'm going to forget what to do when I start to teach lol. UGH! Thanks for the offer I really appreciate it. =) your such a sweet heart

    1. Not a problem at all! :) That's why I have this little blog!! :) Glad you're reading so much on here. Warms my little heart!! :)