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Keeping track of assessments with folders & notes

Last year I had a terrible time keeping track of all of the students assessments and an easy/quick way to write down the next steps. This year I came up with a simple solution to this problem. It is a bit hard for me to stay organized so I have to find easy ways to do things... and ways in which I will stick with! ha ha!! Am I the only one like this?!! :)

Anyway, this year I am keeping all important assessments in blue folders. Each student has a blue folder and will add assessments to folders as needed. Students will really only add some writing samples in the folder. Everything else will be added by me. Let me show you the folders before I explain.

These are the blue folders where I will progress monitor my students. Right now I have pink tabs on a few folders because I still have not assessed these students on their sight words from kindergarten. This is my way of keeping track of who I have and have not assessed. I am very visual so this makes it easy for me.

Here are the kinds of things I will keep in the folders. So far, we have completed an alphabet writing assessment of uppercase and lowercase letters. Beginning sounds assessment and pop corn words from kindergarten. Tomorrow I am assessing knowledge of medial sounds and this will be placed in their folder.

On the other side of the folder I am keeping math assessments. For my first assessment I asked students to write their numbers as high as they could. I assessed for correct number formation and how high they could write their numbers. I have also assessed number recognition. Tomorrow I will be assessing addition facts to see where we are there. I have already assessed number sense and all students did perfect so that one was sent home since no intervention is needed in that area.
Now, that you have seen the assessments I have I know want to show you how I will progress monitor. I am not a one and done assessment kind of girl!! :)
In one month I will begin assessing students on these concepts again to see if there is any growth. I will not assess students who did close to perfect, for those students I will use different and more advanced assessments.
When I assess students I also like to make notes so when I meet with them at intervention time I know exactly what I need to focus on. So, when I do intervention time each day I will ask students to bring their blue folder and inside I will have a form in which I have made notes on what our next steps are to improve on a particular concept. The form that I will be using is pictured below and yours for the taking! Just click on the picture and it will take you to google docs!
I will be using this form to write down the type of assessment, the score and any notes from the assessment. I will use my notes to guide my instruction during intervention time with my students.
I hope this post helped you! I thought it might be a useful one! :)
Trying to make these posts more meaningful and focused! :) Hope I succeeded with this one he he!

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