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It's Friday!! Here's my 5!

I made it through the first week of school and got well acquainted with all of my little cuties! I have such a great class with a few little boogers... but, I want those. Without those little stinkers teaching would be so boring. :) That's why we do it right? ANyWaY, for my 5 this week I am basically just going to walk you through my week. Not too many pictures because it was just so crazy! :)

1. This is what I spent my Sunday doing! I got my kids writing folders ready to go for our daily writing lessons. We just moved into a new house two weeks ago and let me tell you... it is so nice working in the quiet and calming sun room!

I put the all so famous, "i'm done" and "still working" labels on each side of their folders. We began using these folders on the first day of school and I LOVE it!
I also made each kiddo their own bag with their spelling and sight words. Each day this week the students read their words and gave their partner a spelling 'test.' We all aced our tests this week!! I only grade the phonics rules though... if I graded the sight words then it would have not looked so hot!
Here is a little freebie for you if you are wanting to do some writing folders for yourself!
Just click on these little cuties below to grab it!

2. Here is some of my kiddo's writing. The ability levels vary. I can't wait to get to the point where I can provide intervention to these little ones so I can really see their writing take off. It's always so fun! :)
This is a part of a little 'present' (book) they made for their parents to share with them about their first week of school. 
3. I am not just going to tell you a funny from the first day of school. :) I love new firsties because independence abilities are just not quite there yet and honestly... I kind of forgot about that :) So, on the first day I had a little guy go into the hallway (just right outside of the door) to ask a teacher where to turn in his paper.... as I am holding the bin and repeatedly told the kiddos where to put there paper. I got a good laugh out of that and then not 2 seconds later a little guy tied his shoes together! ha ha... I love my job! :) Do you have any funnies from your first week?
4. On Thursday we had a ton of fun reading "First Day Jitters" and reading a jitter juice poem! After that we made little cup labels and I dished out the JITTER JUICE! They LOVED it and wanted more, more, more!

5. Last but not least... this is completely random but as I was typing this blog post and I look outside and see the boyfriend mowing. I began laughing because the lawn mower is just so old and small!
Well, there is my 5 for Friday! I haven't done one of these in forever!!!
I also found this and thought this was a bit comical!
Funny Teacher Quotes | the kardashians # khloe # kourtney # kim
Enjoy & have a great weekend!!!!


  1. I taught first grade a few years ago. I miss those little ones sometimes. Love the random boyfriend pic. I'm always laughing at stupid stuff like that. I can't tell you how many times I start to cry while watching Saturday Night Live because I'm laughing so hard. Thanks for sharing.

    Third Grade Galore

  2. I taught first grade for one year and my... were they just so little. They were cute.... but little. I enjoy a more independent classroom and got them there but it was a challenge moving from 3rd grade to first. What a shocker for me! Ha!

    1. Yes!! I teach with someone who moved from 5th grade for 1st grade last year! Boy... she was tired!!